HRAP2 vs Tekken 5 Stick


I’m looking into purchasing my first stick, and had always heard good things about the HRAP2. However, people also seem to like the Tekken 5 stick, which can be had for much cheaper.

I know it all comes down to “preference” but I have never really played in an arcade before - all my experience is on consoles, so I have no idea what I like. That’s why I want to buy a prebuilt - so I can start forming opinions. :wonder:

So basically I’m wondering if the T5 stick is worth picking up, or if I should just go straight for the HRAP2. What are the differences between the two?

Any and all input is appreciated!


They both have diffrent layouts. The T5s are so popular because they’re cheap, exactly like the HRAP1, easy to mod.

I like the layout on the HRAP1/T5s alot better then the HRAP2. The HRAP2 is a good stick, if you don’t planning on modding it it’s good just stock. If your gonna swap in your own parts and whatnot, get that.


t5s do require soldering skills though.


T5 is harder to mod than a HRAP because the buttons are soldered onto the PCB. So you would have to do some soldering and wiring to put Sanwas or Seimitsus in there. The HRAPs use quick disconnects so swapping buttons is easy.

The stick on a T5 also is not a genuine Sanwa, unlike HRAPs which use an actual Sanwa stick. And as far as the layout goes the HRAP2 has the same layout (as far as distance and button placement) as a Japanese cabinet.

The T5 stick isn’t a bad choice at all though. Basically you get what you pay for.


I own both sticks. I think I got T5 stick for like $20 bucks brand new from eb and something like $120 new for my HRAP2. The sticks feel very similar they have the same push buttons (stock hori) but in a slightly different layout. I prefer the layout of the HRAP2 better because everything is just closer and feels more ergonomic though both layouts are just fine.

The major difference between the two is the HRAP2 comes with a sanwa stick and the T5 a stock hori. Honestly to me there is not much of a difference between the two. The Sanwa is slightly more smooth and responsive.

The real advantage to the HRAP2 though is it’s very easy to mod just plug and play the quick disconnects. The T5 stick has a mess of a PCB and would require soldering.

Don’t get me wrong though the T5 stick is still really good and for the price can’t be beat.


Thanks for the feedback. I think I’m leaning towards the HRAP2 because I tend to believe in you get what you pay for, and the easy modding is certainly appealing. I’m decent with a soldering iron but it’s been quite a while.

Keep the feedback coming though!


Does anyone know if the current HRAP3 ( is also easily modified?


It’s the same as any other HRAP.


its a very simple mod for the hrap3

it also uses a sanwa stick so you wont have to mod that for a while till it wears out