I have a difficult choice of choosing between these 2. If I buy the VSHG i’m gonna mod it with a PS1 DS pcb which I already have.

HRAP2SA would cost me $210 shipped and a VSHG $185 shipped.

IMHO, it depends on money amount you are willing to spend and your reasons for the purchase. Are you buying to play on PC/PS3? The HRAP 2 SA will require an adapter for additional money, but will more than likely not have any input issues that the VSHG presuming you want to use it for PC/PS3.

The VSHG on the other hand, will be cheaper in the long run due to no adapter requirements, but suffers from the 3 button input issue, so may want to think about swapping out the VSHG PCB for a PS1 DS PCB, putting the situation back to step 1 with the HRAP, not making the price variance a deciding factor due to having to use the adapter.

I don’t have a HRAP (I have a HRAP 3 on order), but do have the VSHG. I can say that the dimensions and weight on the stick are unmatched on anything I have used. I absolutely love that thing.

The HRAP SA is definitely a nice looking stick though, not to mention how rare it will be. If you like to collect sticks, go with that one. The VSHG is in a stall at the moment in production, but someone posted in the forums that they received an email from playasia, stating re-production would start back up this month. So you may even be able to get the VSHG for a bit cheaper in a month or so, where as the HRAP will be non-existent , or on Ebay for a metric ass load.

Ugh, I just typed a book, thanks to just waking up. Sorry.

Honestly, with either stick, you should be happy. :smile:

I’m lucky enough to have both a HRAP and a VSHG fitted with a DS PCB, and I have to say, for me, they’re almost equal. Assuming the HRAP2SA still has a mounting bracket for fitting an LS-32, then I would probably say the HRAP2SA is slightly better, simply because it at least gives you the option of either having a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick in there. Other minor quibbles I have with both sticks:

  • Some people find there isn’t enough space to rest your hands at the bottom of the VHSG. I’m one of those people who likes to rest their hands on the panel too, but I didn’t find it a problem when using the VSHG. If you’re concerned about this, go with the HRAP.

  • For me, the L1/L2 buttons get in the way on a HRAP2SA. If, like me, you rest the edge of your hand on the panel, then they’ll probably get in the way for you too.That’d mean buying button plugs and using the turbo switches if you need to use those L buttons. At least on the VHSG you can wire up those L buttons to the little buttons at the top of the stick.

  • Some adaptors for other consoles don’t like HRAP PCBs. You could always wire your PS1 PCB into it, but then you’d lose the use of those turbo buttons.

  • Although the build quality of the HRAPs are brilliant, the VSHGs are even better. They really do feel solid. You tend to feel the vibration of the stick through the panel of the HRAP a little more because they’re that bit bigger. Which brings me to my next point:

  • HRAPs seem a little too big!

  • On the other hand, I think white HRAPs look a little nicer than VSHG.

  • I’ve seen on these pages people complain about how their HRAP cords get frayed really easily, presumably because they wrap it around the stick when it’s not in use.

Yeah, like I said, only minor complaints from me against either stick. Like Imitrex said, both sticks are amazing. Which ever choice you make, I think you’ll be happy with your buy.

Thank you guys, very useful information.

So you can’t put in a LS-32 or LS-32-01 in a VSHG?

It is possible, but you’d have to drill holes in the control panel and mount the LS-32 directly to that. I don’t think you can put the Sanwa JLF back in after that either.

ok, then I’m going to buy a HRAP2:SA because I like the sanwa buttons but for a stick I prefer a LS-32 for the shorter throw and harder spring. But is it true that the sanwa stick in the VSHG feels different than the sanwa of the HRAP? some say the spring in the VSHG is harder.

But has anyone actually confirmed if you CAN put an LS-32 in the HRAP2SA yet??? Check with Per (Therealneogeo)!

Isn’t the inside structure going to be the same as the HRAP2?

I’ve seen a couple of people assume so, but I’d pm Per now just in case.

i dont have an hrap…but i have a vshg w. different pcb’s and it is the best stick i could imagine…its purely bad ass

Sorry, didn’t see this question earlier! I saw this mentioned a couple of times prior to buying mine, and I have to say yes, for some reason the VHSG’s JLF was tighter sprung than the JLF that came with my HRAP. IMHO, the VSHG JLF spring feels tighter than a normal JLF, but not quite as much as an LS-32.

I hope the answer is a yes, since I have a LS32 waiting for modding the HRAP2SA once I get it… then I can finally make my personal choice if I like the Sanwa or Seimitsu variant better. :smile:

I thought the 3 button issue with the VSHG was due to the emulator (when on a PC) and not the stick itself. Could be wrong though…

Although I’m not getting one, I hope so too! Having the choice between Sanwa/Seimitsu is what makes the earlier HRAPs so great. I’d really like to know what Hori’s designers were smoking when they decided to remove the Seimitsu mounting bracket from the HRAP3. That and the nasty looking carbon-fibre style control panel.

So do you know if Sega would have fixed the 3 button press issue with other games if they are going to reproduce the stick again? I hope they do, I would definitely spend the money and rebuy these sticks again and mod my existing VSHGs.

i have a couple VSHGs, and there isn’t enough room to rest your wrist on top. it makes me angry.
otherwise the stick is great (the second i got mine, i threw in some ps1 DS pcbs), but the lack of wrist area is starting to bug me more and more.