HRAP2SA Purchase Delimma

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I’m currently faced with a purchasing delimma so I figured I ask the experts for some advice. I’m looking to purchase an HRAP2SA from they have it for pre-order for $150 so after shipping I’m looking at $186, which is cheaper than if I had purchased off of play-asia (which sold the stick alone for almost $190). The allure of the HRAP2SA is that it’s all Sanwa parts, but I already have the HRAP1 (black stick with the green ball and buttons) and this already has a Sanwa stick and Hori buttons so I’m not sure if the investment in another HRAP would be worth it. Is there a big difference between Hori buttons and Sanwa buttons or a big difference between the Sanwa stick on the HRAP1 and HRAP2sa. Any information, advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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uh, don’t waste your money, just get a tekken 5 stick and mod it.

the hori buttons feel more mushy to me.
there will be no difference between the acutal sticks on the HRAP1 and HRAP2SA. both are sanwa jlf with square gates. unless you need the stick for two players, or just want another stick, then you dont really need it. if youre happy with how the buttons on your HRAP1 feel, then you dont need to buy it.

??? WTF you smoking? That has nothing to do with his question, and even after modding and throwing the same amount of money down, is not as good as buying an HRAP out of the gate.

As already said, there isn’t a difference in the stick, so don’t sweat about that. The differences between, ignoring color differences:
HRAP1 and HRAP2: 1) Button layout. The HRAP2 is more curved and encourages playing on the six buttons closest to the stick. HRAP1 is less curved and encourages playing on the farther six.
HRAP2 and HRAP2SA: 1) Sanwa buttons instead of Hori buttons.

If you’re okay with the button layout on the HRAP1, and just want to check the buttons, order eight buttons from lizardlick and swap them out; its super easy, and pretty cheap. The ONLY reason to consider an HRAPSA is if the cost of the SA is less than the cost of an HRAP2 and some sanwa buttons, AND if you really hate the button layout on the HRAP1.

Check the HRAP FAQ thread for any details, instead of making a new thread.

Thanks for your help guys, think I’m gonna pass on the HRAP2SA and instead buy Sanwa buttons for my HRAP1. Toodles: I went on lizardlick and they have so many options for Sanwa buttons. Might you or anyone else know which buttons I should buy for my HRAP1 and any good tutorials that will show me what to do to replace them? Thanks alot guys your all awesome!

These are the parts I’m planning to order for my HRAP1. Are these compatible?

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton
Sanwa 35mm Ball Top

yes they are. the hrap1 already has a sanwa balltop so you dont need it, unless youre getting a different color to match with your buttons.

Just DO NOT get screw ins! Only get snap ins. Other than that, pick whatever looks cool

Oh okay, well based on the image it looks like these just snap into the case (these are the buttons I’m buying.) Am I correct in believing that these are the screw in buttons?

I can’t thank you guys enough for all your help, not only are you guys helping me save money but your helping me make my current stick better. Once I have everything confirmed I’m going to place the order. I’ll post pictures once I’m done.

yep, OBSF is snap-in, OBSN is screw-in.

Think of it as obsN, N for nut. Like the screwing nut they use to secure them in place.

i know you already opted not to buy it, but i’ve had mine since the first launch (about 2 months ago?) and definitely glad that i got it

most definitely the best stick for the ps2 that i’ve owned so far

Yea HRAP2 SA ive gone thru many sticks the SC2 stick SFAC stick with happ parts the T5 stick and now my HRAP2 SA, HRAP2SA seriously for the win. Its the best stick ive ever owned and i will not buy another stick because i LOVE the wide base and its really sturdy this base will last 5+ years just keep replacing the stick and buttons every 6 months or so (I play over 5 different 2d fighters and 3 3d fighting games) Officially beatdown tested and tourney proven HRAP 2SA ftw folks

On a side note when you beat the shit outta sanwa buttons like around the 750-900 presses mark the get REALLY sensitive like the wieght of a finger will fully depress them so making shit like karas in 3s crazy easy.

Kara Demon? this stick will make you play akuma just to see the other players WTF look on his face


ps i like your av

Yeah from what I heard the HRAP2SA is a pretty awesome stick. Can’t wait to mod my stick in time for some King of Fighters 98 UM.

For $186 you might as well go for a custom. Check out Lionheart for a custom… he charges $180 per stick + $15 for shipping… or any other custom builder.

I think a custom would last you a lot longer and have a lot more value to you.

Uh, I am all for customs, but having a stick right off the bat with all Sanwa parts is amazing. $186 for it seems alright, it is probably the best stick you can buy for that amount of money.

Just buy one, you won’t regret it.

i have to agree with all, the HRAP2 SA is the best stick i have played on, i have a HRAP1 too, first i hated the HRAP2 layout, but i tought i should give it a try, got to sold my PSP to buy the SA and i wont regret it, once you get use to the layout you will start beasting :rofl: i love mine, you cant go wrong with it.

customs are great in a sense that they’re one of kind sticks. but hrap is pretty much perfectly engineered to give players the closest feeling they can get sitting in front of a japanese cabinet.

the button layout, the weight… everything is just right about the hrap - especially the hrap2sa.

most customs are pain the ass when they go haywire; and most of them are not built to last. so the quality of the stick will deteriorate (both functionally and aesthetically) much quicker over time compared to the hrap.

orka do those air bags in your sig come with a warranty?