Hi I’m new to sticks and this forum, been wanting a stick for a long time, and actually quit playing fighters back on ps1 because the control was so bad (man SSFII was awesome on Sega), but I’ve recently got back into them after the release of soulcalibur 4 last year and discovering mame and snk, and recently bought the Madcatz fightpad for SFIV which I love, but still need more. So finally after many years of wanting a stick, and a new found addiction to fighting games I’m gonna buy one. That one most likely being a Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick SA.

Now for the questions:

  1. I’ve read that Hori sticks have a square or octagonal gate selector is this
    true, and if not which does the HRAP2:SA have?

  2. I play games on PS2, PS3, and PC. What’s a good converter for the

  3. I’ve been reading allot of posts about the recent PS3 patch causing
    problems with sticks. Other than that how does this stick perform with
    the PS3?

  4. Sanwa buttons and stick T/F?

  5. Is there a way I can change my user name on the forum the ! is supposed
    to be 1 :wonder:

Also any opinions or general need to knows about the stick would also be appreciated. Thanks.

I have the HRAP SA and it comes with a square gate but you can get a oct plate from Lizardlick
it’s really easy to change demo on youtube

I purchased a adapter on ebay I would not purchase the super cheap one I purchased one that has the “home” button for PS3 there are no major brands that make them Pelican use to but now there just over priced

I have had no Problems with it on the PS3

Yes the real deal blue ultra sensitive sanwa (its crazy how sensitive these buttons are)

not sure about the name change deal

Hey, keep the !, it looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, this helped me out when I had some Qs about the various HRAPs: