HRAP3 Accident - Half-Working How to Repair it?

Ok, i messed things up pretty badly. I live in Brazil and to order a HRAP can be reaaaally expensive here. So it took me about 2 years to get the money and things done to have the stick and now, 2 months later, i had an accident.

I had to run with the hrap3 and i tripped and fell with it. The plastic part got a little scraped, but nothing serious, with just a little sanding i think it’ll be fine. But when i plug it into a pc or a ps3 it doesn’t work, it’s not recognized but if i activate the turbo functions the led goes on and it responds to the button presses. The stick had some damage on the cable which leads me to believe that the cable is torn on the part that sends data but not on the part that send information. That’s why it doesnt work CABLE-CONSOLE but it works TURBO SYSTEM-BUTTONS.

How should i repair it? Can i repair the cable ? If so, what kind of cable do I need it, a simple usb should do it ? And, other than that, the HRAP has a little protector of the cable next to the case, like a plastic thing that holds the cable to the box, if i exchange the cable, will i have problems with the part?

If anyone can help me, I’ll be here.
Thanks in advance,

You should be able to use any standard USB cable, strip the end, and solder the points onto the same points of the HRAP3 PCB. You could probably even cut a bit off of the cable you have provided you’re able to remove the section that is possibly frayed. An internal connection may have come loose as well, so you should open up the stick and check that out too.

I may have acess to a Fighting Stick 3 cable. Is that cable a drop-in replacemente to the hrap3 cable ? From what i coud recall they’re the same.

As long as it’s USB, yes. just desolder the HRAP3 USB cable from the PCB, and solder the cable from the FS3, making sure to match the locations of the cable colors.

Yup, but i’m very fond of the plastic protection thing, i was wondering if the fs3 one is the the same size so it can fit the box. >D

So i managed to get a guy to ship a FS3 cable to me. Can anyone tell me if its a perfect fit ?

Ah, I know what you’re talking about now. Yeah, not sure about that. It probably isn’t, but you never know till you try I guess.

I suck at photoshop but i copied the part like two times to show it: