HRAP3 Amazon Edition

Anyone know of any site off hand that’s currently selling the white HRAP3? Just got an email from my buddy who’s want it. He looked for it himself and couldnt find it, and I gave it a shot and cant find it either. I found a site that said they had it, but in fact they didn’t. Tough to find these.

Nice man. Ill pass that along. Thanks!

Good lord the shipping is brutal. $70! Any US sites selling it that anyone knows of?

Yeah, I had thought about buying a HRAP3 SA from Horistore and then having my friend ship it here, until I found that shipping would’ve been about $80.

Really, for the price difference, he might as well just suck it up and buy the US version from Amazon.

Yeah Ill tell him. Im sure when I tell him it’s $70 to ship he’ll forget about the white real quick.

And now you know why we are all so hype about the TE … and to an extent the SE sticks coming out here. For years we have had to pay a bazillion dollars in import fees to get a production stick. Until the HRAP 3, and now TE/SE.

Have you tried

I didnt maybe my friend did. Ill send the link.

Do not buy from this store. Toys N Joys is an extremely unreliable seller. They will take your money and ship you the wrong item, or never ship your purchase at all.