HRAP3 and MAME in Vista 64

I received my HRAP3 today and decided to give it a try on the PC. I have been a long time lurker but this is my first time posting, so I have read about other people’s success of the stick working under PC.

Anyways, I plug it in and it is detected. However, when I go into controller properties, the stick is detected as “Point of View Hat” and not as X Axis / Y Axis. The directional stick does not respond under MAME, and yes I held home button for 5 seconds. I have spent a couple of hours of researching this and I have been fruitless.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found out the solution. It’s due to the small switch next to the turbo button that was causing it. It was on D but it worked once I put it on L.

Oh, good for you!

With my Hori Ex2, I had to use XBCD, the 3rd party driver for XBox controllers. Of course, it doesnt work in Vista 64 normally because its an unsigned driver. The solution was to download a small utility that, on boot up, would select “Disable Signed Driver Requirement”. It manually moves the cursor to select it, every time.

There was another, easier way to do it, involving bcdedit, but Microsoft saw fit to plug that hole up. So now, if you want to use 3rd party unsigned drivers like XBCD, your only options are test mode, signing your own drivers, or the above mentioned hack. The hack seemed the easiest and least invasive to me.