HRAP3 and Mame32 - doesn't detect

hey guys. i have a HRAP3 and i’m trying to get it to work on my Mame32 Plus! Plus! 0.119 emulator. for some reason it does not detect the stick at all. i’ve tried holding down the home key, still nothing. has anyone made this work?

it works flawlessly on 2df freeplay.

or does anyone know what other emulators i can use to play 3rd strike that will detect the HRAP3?


well,please enable joystick input(right mouse>properties>controllers)

Or just go to file>properties>controller>and click on the check box that says “Enable Joystick”

hey speaking of mame…any way to adjust the difficulty on the sf3:3rd strike rom?



it worked :confused:

i feel very silly.


How do you even get it to work? I have Street Fighter III New Generation and the .chd file needed. After I press ok it goes off. T_T

damnit! its in japanese haha!

press F2, go to 7.configuration. on the next page, select the 2nd option. after you make your changes, select exit. then select number 4. then exit.

that works for me.

would you happen to know how to change the rate at which the lifebars are depleted. so attacks are less damaging and the fight lasts longer…

yeah its on the same page as the difficulty. i think it is “damage.” set it to 1.

Umm, I tried what you guys said but I still doesn’t work. It is enable and everything. I’m using MAME Plus! 0.127u4 and using the Street Fighter IV Controller.

Just opening up the control panel -> gamecontrollers, and then checking the properties of your stick, wiggling it around might get it to work.
That’s what I have to do with my stick using Trio Linker Plus 2 adapter for it to be recognized in MAMEplus.