HRAP3... back in the game! =)

Posted this in the wrong thread and got flamed hard. I hope this community isn’t like the WoW forums, jumping at every chance to "bash teh noobzz"*

Hey there fellow Shoryuken readers. First time poster.

With all the excitement of SF4 recently, I have decided to return to my glory arcade days I left a long long time ago. I’m a total noob with fighters, being out of the game for so long, but figured with the release of a new title that I can get in on early, this might be my chance to start competing for fun. I live in a big city and assume tourneys go on from time to time.

Street Fighter is by far my favorite fighter series of all time but I primarily only played on consoles with buddies and the occasional arcade trip when I was younger. My early to mid 20’s have been dominated by mmo’s and rpgs but I’m ready to get down to the basics. The purest video game form imo, arcade fighters.

After doing some research I decided to buy the HRAP3. I’m just curious if this was a good purchase. I considered the lower end model but assumed I would outgrow it eventually so didn’t mind forking out an extra 50$ for a better gaming experience.

Any tips for this noob when it comes to finding tourneys and doing them? I just want to really start immersing myself in the fighter culture. I don’t have many friends that are interested so I need to find some kind of local community hopefully to mingle with. I live in the Sacramento area fyi. Might do the gamestop tourney for kicks even though I will only have a week to practice, then get my butt whooped LOL.

The HRAP3 is a great stick out of the box, and if you decide to switch the Hori stock buttons for Sanwas, it’ll be even better.

If you are looking for a scene, check the Regional forums for your area. There are also Tournament forums so you can see what is coming up and where.

Thanks! Didn’t know there was regional forums. =)

I have been cruising around and can’t find what the best website(s) is for purchasing parts? I love building stuff so I definitely want to start modding my HRAP But at the moment, they are slammed and out of a ton of supply. If not there, Both are great.

Just a helpful heads up. For those of us that don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a good stick. I found out that Hori is making more HRAP3. to be released in july, you can pre-order them herefor under 100. I have a moded HFS2 that i love but im excited about getting this.

Welcome! :slight_smile: Although I am nowhere near Cali, I would love to play online against you if you have a ps3. I’m in Houston BTW.