HRAP3 buttons not working

hey guys, i just switched out my buttons for the second or third time on my hrap 3 that ive had since january. only this time my buttons dont seem to respond as they did an hour before when i used it. for one thing, on sf4 none of the buttons repsond to doing a kick. i usually have the standard upper 3 punch lower 3 kick, but the entire bottom row didnt work at all. i tried to flip the sides and the bottom row worked with punches but top didnt work with kicks. but the bttons work regularly as X, O and so on. in HDR, the only action that didnt work was Fierce. and also, the stick doesnt allow me to move when i press the XMB, so it stays locked and i cant switch to messages or anything. wtf is going on? it worked perfectly right before i changed my buttons. the wires seeem to be in perfect shape, i dont change parts often. plz help. i put sanwas in fyi. and i have a plexi on it that i just put on now. and also it only uses the first six buttons, the last two i taped with masking tape together and kept them inside just in case

edit: now nothing was being read as a command in sf4… plz help somebody

You too?

Man I was fixing to post about the same issue. However I have not switched out my buttons at all. That was probably going to be my next step as I thought that someone may refer that to me.

This started happening 3 days ago. It’s a random occurrence for me and has has started to happen more over time. As in your situation it is the kick buttons. After hitting an alternate kick button or a punch button I dunno which exactly then the kick buttons work properly.

I wander if anyone has figured out what the underlying issue is being that you have already replaced your buttons.

*Im about to tear mine apart.

This is not a thread I want to see. I’ve had mine for nearly a month, and I don’t want paranoia about buttons not working in the near future.

I don’t know what problems you guys are having.

Bad PCB’s? Pulled wires? Crossed wires?

I have two HRAP’s myself (black and a white Japanese model) and I haven’t encountered these problems after switching out the stock buttons for Sanwa’s.

When I originally put the new buttons in, I replaced one button at a time so I didn’t have to label the wiring.

Later, after I decided to do custom artwork on one HRAP, I went ahead and labelled the wiring with tape so I knew which button each wire corresponded to.

I don’t know what to say about your problems – bad PCB or bad connections?

You might want to go ahead and see if some quick disconnects have fallen off the button terminals (very unlikely) or a wire has broken somewhere. To do that, you will have take the case apart from the bottom metal plate. Hard to say what’s going on until you actually take the stick base apart and peek inside…

when reconnecting the wires to the buttons I didn’t know it mattered which wire went to which connector

Maybe you are being a little rough with the HRAP3

One things for sure is that it definitely doesn’t have any water damage.