HRAP3 Buttons question


For the HRAP3, what sanwa buttons do I wanna order from lizardlick?
The Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch?
Sanwa OBSN-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch

Thanks in advance.


Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch

The nuts on the OBSN-30’s are a tight fit and won’t even fit for the X button unless you swap it out for Seimitsu nuts.


Thank you for the quick response, got my buttons ordered. :slight_smile:


good luck man. its a hella easy mod.


while we’re at it, any word on putting a dual shock pcb into a hrap3?


That would be wonderful if i could put a dualshock board in it as well.


Shouldn’t be too hard, considering all of the empty space in the stick. The only sacrifice you’d have to make is the turbo switches.