Hrap3 & hrapr-sa

what are the major differences between the stick?? besides the color and $20 diff.

The SA has Sanwa Buttons as supposed to Hori Buttons.

That (being Sanwa Buttons) is the only difference.

also read some where that the top plate where the stick mounts was sturdier on the SA?

Oh yes, forgot about the Top Panel.
On the HRAP 3 SA, you can open the Case from top.
With the HRAP 3, you have to start from bottom, and do more.

This alone makes it worth the extra money for the SA if you ask me. As someone who has taken his HRAP EX apart a few times I can tell you that it is not fun. Its not difficult to do, just extremely tedious and those little screws and nuts are a major pain in the ass.

I agree with NAP.

ah that was what I was read! I kept thinking top panel…top plate…what was it?..thanks jdm714!

Well you can call it Top Panel, Top Plate, Cover Panel, Control Panel, Metal Panel, whatever.
I don’t really know what to call it myself.

Does the HRAP3 Amazon Japan version have the same top panel screws as the normal HRAP3 or does it have the better top panel screws like the HRAP 3 - SA version?

The top panel screws are exactly the same on the version. I wish the SA came in white and also wish the turbo/guide area on the Amazon version was white like the rest of the case. :sad: