HRAP3 Interest Check

Hey guys, I have a overseas contact that can get me HRAP3s. They have some and I would be able to sell them for $130 shipped within the US (note that this is cheaper by over $10 than popular site Play-Asia which is still out of stock).

Depending on the amount of interest I could possibly lower the per stick costs and sell them for $125 shipped within the US. I could have them in the US as early as late next week.

I just want to see if there are enough interested parties so that I can try to lower the price. I will definitely have at least 4 at $130 each, but I would like to get more and reduce the price per stick for everyone.


ill probably want one within one month

but ill let you know

I might be interested as well. Can your contact get me a HRAP2?

aktham, I had previously asked about HRAP2 but since Hori stopped making them, it’s unlikely that they can get any through them. I might be able to get one through a friend but honestly the price will likely be HIGHER than what I’m asking for HRAP3s because I can’t buy them in bulk and can’t go through my supplier. If you’re still interested I can look into getting one for you.

I can get VSHG as well if people are interested in those.

I had sold 2 previously and felt that there was little to no interest in them. I personally think they are much better sticks than HRAP3 and cheaper (I have 2 myself). But whatever people want, I suppose.

In the future I can probably get HRAP3 SA. But I will know about that when it gets closer to the release date of the stick.


Just to update, my first shipment of HRAP3s is in the US

“Your item arrived in the United States at KENNEDY AMC at 2:26 PM on April 27, 2007”

To be exact. I expect them to be in tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. I’ll edit the title of this thread or start a new one.