HRAP3 Issue


Is anybody else having this problem when their hrap3 is plugged into their ps3 the screen glitches and flickers then goes blank? seems to only happen with the stick and not the controller.


i dont have any issue with my hrap3… sorry to hear about yours though :-/


has this been happening for a while? or just after the recent firmware update?


Never had anything like that happen


well i only first got a chance to use it yesterday and i updated a few days before that. I’ve never seen this problem before and only when the stick was plugged in


Damn anybody?


This is only a wild guess but maybe it has something to do with the firmware update… I thought it only affected adapters but maybe not.

Is Hori licenced by sony?


don’t think it’s licensed by sony it’s totally separate



I have an HRAP3 and I don’t have any issues like you’ve mentioned. I have even updated to the latest firmware…


ok so that rules it out…

did you try using it with your pc?


yes i did and it actually works with no issues


so I guess its safe to assume that the pcb is still good and that the problem is with the ps3?

do any of your friends have a ps3 that you could test it on?


yeah so maybe i’ll do that and see then before i make any decisions