HRAP3 just destroyed my hands

I bought the HRAP3 for $60.00 during Amazon’s Black Friday deal, then ordered some dark hai (or black/grey, whichever you prefer) buttons to replace the stock Hori ones. So I finally got around to switching them out tonight, and I swear the top panel on the HRAP3 feels like it has fucking razor blades on the edges. And of course there is always at least one button that feels like the QDs were welding on, then surrounded with cement for good measure. Felt like the buttons holes for Start and Select were slightly too small, but I got the buttons in eventually.

I wouldn’t call this thing modding unfriendly, but its definitely not as good as the HRAP2 SA or the TE sticks. Still, just over 80 bucks and I have a nice full Sanwa stick.

Anyway, sorry for the pointless thread but I felt like venting after a frustrating hour of messing with this stupid thing.

yeah you need to use proper tools to make it easier. small flat head and needle nose pliers and a rag will save your hands!

The weird thing is, I used to have a HRAP EX that I bought when SF4 first came out last year and I modded it, which is basically the same as modding the HRAP3. But this one seemed a lot more difficult for some reason, as far as getting QDs off and things like that.

no stick is created equal :frowning: some can be a pain and others not so much

The hardest part for me was getting the yellow start & select buttons out without destroying them…:looney:

Yeah, those poor Hori buttons didn’t fare too well when I took them out unfortunately. And all I did was replace them with yellow Sanwas. I was going for a Namco Noir or VSHG look.

That’s what happens when you take the cheap route for a decent modded stick same thing with the SE, Pain in the ass to get the QD’s out the harness falls out unless you use hotglue or electrical tape, The easy route isn’t always the easiest one. Lesson best learned early.

I’d say despite all the trouble it was still worth it, I mean I saved like 50-70 bucks compared to buying a TE or a more expensive Hori model. And I prefer the Astro/Blast City layout over Vewlix so it worked out pretty well. I didn’t have any trouble with the harness falling out though.

You haven’t really modded a stick until you have the injuries to show for it.

But what james said is correct, some sticks will just have QDs that feel tighter than usual.

The easiest way to remove QD’s without hurting yourself is to use a small screwdriver.

However, the QD’s removed repeatedly from the same set of buttons do get easier to reinsert over time. It’s the removal the first time that’s a pain!

jamesepoop is right. I’ve bought 2 copies of the AH2 and different HRAPs. I have had experiences of mounting screw breaking during joystick removal (AH2 stick) and experiencing removals and screw-ins being next to impossible to accomplish without a power tool (my HRAP 3 SA). Thankfully, in no case did I permanently damage or modify the joystick mounts or joysticks themselves.

There really have been only two Hori HRAP’s that gave me fits!!!

for me my HRAP R1 and L1 buttons gave me trouble… i was like WTF when i snapped my small jewelers kit screwdriver. QDC’s also gave me trouble… especially when one of the wires pulled out of it when my pliers slipped… :confused: thankfully i had a whole bag of them from another build i was doing. top panel wise i didnt have a problem with it, my edges didnt seem sharp at all… except in the button holes… all in all well worth the time and effort to mod it. guess i could say it was a fun learning experience.

That’s funny, because I thought the round1/2 TE was sharp and hard as hell to mod. My HRAP3 was super easy to take apart and the buttons popped right out. On the TE I had to struggle and really get those buttons out the first time, second time they popped out just fine.