HRAP3 Mod Questions


I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3. I am considering modding it and looking at the Lizardlick site…

1.) I’m considering of just upgrading the stick to the bat ($4.95). Has anyone done this? Is this recommend it? Or will this be a bad move? Also, what other parts will I need to complete ths mod?

2.) What are the best buttons to get? I’m assuming it is easy to exchange the buttons? Do I need to buy any other parts besides the buttons?

3.) Should I be getting my parts else where rather than Lizard?

Thanks guys!

  1. It’s not really a move, per say. That’s pretty much a preference thing. You’ll need a
    Sanwa Joystick Adapter (little brassy threaded sucker, Lizard Lick has them).

  2. Without enter a sanwa v seimitsu debate… OBSF 30. It’s the right size.

  3. Lizard’s prices are comparable. Both him and Akihabarashop are getting their asses kicked by orders so, I don’t think either will be faster. I ordered from Lizard just because I got frustrated waiting for an email back from TRNG.


Where do I go to get original SF2 arcade buttons? Are they better than the Sanwas? Will it fit in my HRAP3? Thanks.


You’d probably be thinking Happs buttons. They’re standard for American arcades. You could get them at Lizard Lick.

They’re of similar quality to Sanwa and Seimitsu, it’s just preference. That said, Happs are screw-in buttons, slightly longer and slightly wider than the Sanwas (1.125in > 30mm) so they won’t be as easy a switch as the OBSF 30.

I’m sure if you look around you’ll find info on modding a RAP with Happs buttons.


I recently modded my HRAP3 with a bat top. I bought it form lizardlick along with the sanwa adaptor and I’ve been having problems. The bat top tends to unscrew while I play. It just doesn’t stay put (the balltop I used before was always stable). Is there a way to fix this??


Yeah - open up the stick, get a nice flathead screwdriver, hold the shaft bottom steady with the driver, and twist the bat top as tight as you can. If you tighten it up enough, there’s no reason it should come loose during normal play. If it does, you’re doing something wrong, i.e. gripping the shaft and turning the balltop so as to unscrew it without realizing it.

Alternately, if none of that works, get a shaft cover kit. That way, you’re less likely to unscrew the thing since you’ll be holding the shaft cover and not the shaft itself.


Thanks!! worked nicely!

I was also wondering if it was possible to replace broken microswitches from a Sanwa JLF stick? Or do I absolutely need to buy a new stick? There’s only 1 microswitch that’s completely wrecked and I was going to buy 1 from Akihabarashop to replace it but I don’t even know if it’s possible or how I’m even supposed to do it.