HRAP3 mod suggestions/help

I’m going to be modding my HRAP3 soon and I want to move the start/select and turbo/home/L3/R3 buttons to the front like where the TE Stick has its start/select at.

I was wondering what the best way to do this. They way I’m planning on doing it now is by drilling new holes, but the biggest drill bit I have is 1/4 inch thick. To make a hole big enough to fit the buttons while using that bit I’ll have to slowly carve out the hole.

Any suggestions or advice on how to make this easier/better would be greatly welcomed.

Why would you want to do this? I’ve been playing my HRAP for years, and have never once accidentally hit the start/select buttons while in play. They are at a perfectly acceptable and totally workable distance away from the other buttons so as not to be activated inadvertently (unless you’re a palsy-ridden spaz).

Just for a cleaner look mostly, and more artwork space.

Cover the existing holes with a piece of metal underneath the plate and fill the gap with some sort of filler. Sand it flat.

Use a hole saw to make the holes for where you want the new placement and re-route the wires.

Why you would wanna do such a thing is beyond me.

don’t some people accidentally press them when their mashing the buttons?
like i do when i’m doing ken’s shinryuken in alpha 3
or when your dizzy

like, i do it where you get all your fingers and repeatedly swipe them over to get as many inputs as possible lol

I can’t ever see myself hitting them when mashing buttons, you must have some banana hands if you’re doing that. I’ve hit the R2 L2 by accident, but the start/selects are nowhere near the other buttons.

I never hit them either, I just want to move them. If the task ends up being too difficult I’ll figure something out.

mashing buttons = noob

lol@banana hands

im always weary of cutting into plastic (like you’re going to do to move the buttons to the front) if you eff up, you cant redo.