HRAP3 Modification in Austin,Texas?


I’d like to modify my HRAP3, however I don’t have the skill to do so on my own.
I’d like to add Sanwa buttons and a circle gate.

Are there any HRAP3 modification experts around Central Texas who’d be willing to modify my stick for me, if I supply the parts and pay for the modification service?

Thank you!



Still wanting to replace the Hori buttons with Sanwa 30mm buttons.
I have grown accustomed to the Square gate and will stick with it.

If there are any stick modifiers in Austin, TX please get in touch with me!

I should have purchased the Real Arcade Pro V3 SA when it was available for $100 last month!



What kind of modification do you need?


I’m located in Austin, TX. What kind of modification do you require? Perhaps I could help.

He needs his Hori buttons replaced with Sanwa :rolleyes:

I was able to pick up a new HRAP V3 SA at a nice price this week, so modifying my trusty HRAP 3 is no longer high on my priority list.
Perhaps, I will mod my HRAP3 sometime down the line, even though it will be relegated to a ‘guest stick’.