HRAP3 on Amazon for $100 Sporadically Today

Yee haw!

About 2 hours ago I was able to secure a HRAP3 directly from Amazon for $100!
What a godsend, I was on the verge of purchasing a FS3 for $46 on ebay, I’m glad that I didn’t.

The catch is that Amazon has been listing the HRAP3 sporadically through the day. They list it for a few minutes at $100 and then it disappears.

I have a Madcatz SE Fightstick on back order, I am trying to decide whether or not to keep it or to cancel the order. I figure I could always re-sell it on ebay to cover the cost of the HRAP3.

Hot damn, I am excited! The PS3 Dual Shock Controller has been hell on my thumbs thanks to SF4.

Good luck!


what makes you think they will list more today?

According to this thread, Amazon have been listing the HRAP3 for $100 at various intervals during the day. I suggest hitting refresh on Amazon’s page through out the day.

Best of luck!


Yeah I saw them up earlier, I keep the HRAP EX page open all day refreshing and clicked the ps3 one and got jealous of it being in stock. :sad:

The HRAP EX came up last week. But only for like 5 minutes. $129.99

The HRAP3 is a GREAT substitute if you missed out on the Madcatz TE. Dont buy into the hype. Just get a new set of buttons and your HRAP3 will be badass.

if only the page would load…

i believe it is getting flooded right now.

Ya, I grabbed 3 today, got one for my son and my brother-in-law and a 2nd one to mod for myself with all Sanwa since this one I have is gonna be all Seimitsu, saw those at 9:50am this morning.

Just now, or earlier today?

know what’s funny, this stick was on sale for 90 bucks for the longest time and no one really bothered…until the fightsticks hit. now it’s going for 100, and people are calling it a deal!

so is it really randomly being put up? Why would they do such a thing?

This morning.

Saw one in stock for $99, clicked on put in cart and it had already been purchased, LOL!

Back in stock today on, 03/03/2009 10:34AM Eastern Time

Just grabbed one, now I’m not sure if I want to mod this with my Sanwa parts of my Street Fighter SE.

Still up 7:42 am PST

Just bought one myself, they had the PS3 for $99 and the 360 (EX) version for $130 in stock 5 min ago. (7:40am PST)

Grab em now! Keep checking because both HRAP EX and HRAP 3 are there. HRAP EX sells out but then shows up again. I got a second one finally so my kids won’t fight with me, LOL.

picked up a hrap 3!

Bookmarked the link. If my te doesn’t come in by Friday like they told me and this is in stock GS is loosing $150 and I’ll be gaining fiddy by canceling my ps3 te pre-order and taking my business to Amazon. Oh, and still in stock as of 10 am cst. Thanks Rockphantom.