HRAP3 on PS3 playing PS2 games?

Just got a copy of GGXX:AC, and was wondering if purchasing the HRAP 3 would be a wise decision. Can it play PS2 games on my PS3? I saw a post from back in May stating that 1.8 enabled the HRAP3 to work, though it was laggy at best. Have there been any changes since 1.93 has been released? Thanks…

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yes, you can use the hrap3 with ps2 games

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it works. laggy because of upscaling. switch to s-video or composite cables and your good. you can have both one of thse cables and hdmi hooked up and u can just switch it in the settings. if your using component than your gonna have to kep switching.

If I have my ps3 hooked up with my hdmi there will be lag on ps2 games? I have to get a comp cable?

I’m a bit confused; can the settings be set through the PS3 options? I vaguely remember a PS2 Upscaling option in the settings. I have a Standard Definition TV, and use the regular old Red/White/Yellow cables…

you have composite cables already then, you should be good

w00t. Time to buy.