HRAP3 or a very high end custom

I am looking to see what you people would rather have. Choice 1 is a HRAP3 that you buy for like $150 but you have to replace the buttons once you get it and you have no custom artwork and it’s made of plastic. Choice 2 is a custom hand made metal casing, powdercoated with the color of your choice, comes with genuine japonese stick and buttons of your choosing, also comes with any custom art you want with a lexan cover. The price on option 2 is $399.00. Which would you buy, or want to buy.

399 is pretty damn expensive and for that reason alone I would but the hrap. Now if the custom was in the 250 range ide go that way.

that was exactly the kind of responce I was looking for let’s see some more. Even if it looked as nice as let’s say the byrdo ronin stick, would you still not pay 399?

Damn… 399… If I were to buy a stick for that much, it would just be put on display and show it off to people. Unless you got the money to spend like that then go ahead… lol.

But if you want a good stick to just play, just get a HRAP or a custom that’s around $200 only. Haven’t been reading the stick-maker threads, but I believe the usual custom is still about $200 or less.

I was looking around and a fully loaded xbox360 stick from arcadeinabox which has a case like an xaecade but with good parts is like 275$. So I wasent sure if the powdercoated custom metal case was worth the xtra cash. These responces are very helpfull. Thanks to everyone who posts in here.

I don’t see how a $150 HRAP will satisfy you if a $399 custom was in your consideration

Well Huge Balls, think of it this way.
HRAP3: $150 ,
10 sanwa or seimitsu buttons for HRAP: $30
Choosing the HRAP3 and modding it yourself: Priceless
But for everything else there’s a Mastercard

If I had to decide, I would spend the money and get a dual Arcade In a Box. Ed does amazing work, and it would be a custom to an extent (only due to copyright issues and art).

the problem I have with arcadeinabox is that their cases are made of that laminated wood with T-moulding. They are more like an xarcade than I am looking for. I am looking for a case like the byrdo ronin stick or that vewlix stick that realneogeo made. I just feel if you are a samurai you want the best sword possible. And using jap parts in an American style box just doesent work for me. I want lexan and a very custom look.

het a hrap there hella sick:pray:

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the HRAP if that type of set up is what you are looking for. It’s held in quite high regard, which is easy to see with it constantly being sold out, and all of them posted here throughout the site.

Well you can get a really nice custom like byrdos whatever you said for around 2 to 3 hundred. Plus you can pick your own crap to put on it.

I would go with the HRAP. It won’t hurt as much when your $150 HRAP gets damaged as opposed to a $200 - $400 custom =D

But in all seriousness, both HRAPs and customs are arcade perfect, it all depends if you want to spend $50 - $250 more for aesthetics/uniqueness.

So the advantages of the spendy stick are the facts:

  • it is hand made (that’s a pro or a con, depending on who you ask)
  • can allow custom artwork easier (definite pro)
  • is entirely made of metal (another pro or con depending on the person. As an avid toy tweaker, it’d be a con for me because dremelling plastic is easy to do and make look right without any fear of flaking powercoat. For those that want indestructable rough and tumble sticks, or know how to properly manipulate/drill/punch metals, it’d rock)
    -doesn’t require a button swap like an HRAP (pro, but very low value for most peeps here)

I’m sorry man, but I just don’t see the $220 (I’m including $30 in my math for the new buttons) worth of value there.

$400 is just way too much. It hurts the case for the custom stick even more when you consider how great of a stick an HRAP is right out of the box. To me, no matter how much you pay, you are not going to be able to play any better on a custom stick then you would be able to on a properly modded HRAP2.

I would pay $400 for a stick with the following.


-A universal pcb that will allow me to play on any system within reason, with cords that screw onto the front.

-Easy maintenance and repair. A pcb that that can easily replaced without snipping wires or soldering. Same goes for buttons and joysticks. All I would need is my hands, or perhaps a small screwdriver.

-Storage space within the stick for a small screw driver and a couple of replacement buttons or switches in case something goes wrong. If the pcb was small enough one of those too. I would be ok with the spare pcb being an extra expense that is not included in the base price.

-A cool carrying case would nice.

these are all great ideas and I appreciate every comment. I own many sticks : a HRAP2 , a FS3, and almost 5 customs that I have built. I am just wanting the opinion of the community on what they want in a stick and what do they want to pay for it.

so your thinking of charging $400 to a customer who wants a custom stick??
Good Luck

but i’d pay $400 if:

it has the UPCB
Fjod’s cool case-stick like design.
Artwork is professionally sprayed on
wiring is gorgeous/very organized
layout is perfect as to user preference
Changing out parts is so easy that even a caveman can do it(quick disconnects or other things)
Possibly free shipping

I’ve been considering the fully loaded Xbox 360 custom from Arcade in a Box, and it is $218, not $275.

Arcade in a Box hasn’t recieved one bad review, all excellent. Ed has been building arcades all his life, and has a large business dedicated for this purpose, so he’s got the experience and the means. And as far as japanese vs american style box goes? So what? If it has the japanese parts, its going to play beautifully reguardless. I’d rather have the arcade grade box material, wider size for hand resting, surface slant, and stability offered by Arcade in a Box. You’d also recieve your stick much quicker by ordering from Arcade rather than a private builder.

Simply put, if you don’t care about having a picture on top of your stick, Arcade in a Box is the best quality option out there. But Ed is also looking into releasing a blank stick with removable lexan top for the graphic lovers.

I dont think you could put enough features in a stick for me to lay out 400 bucks. Maybe if it gave blowjobs ide think about it.

Ya. The only ones that high are the PS3/X360 Dual PCB sticks with a JLF and Sanwa buttons, with a USB extension. I own an AIAB, and love it…except for the parts in it, which is due to my ignorance when I ordered. It’s a masterful piece of work.

As for the wanting to know about the preferences on HRAP or a $400 custom…that is just crazy. If you are looking for opinions on what people would pay for them, just look around the Trading Outlet. You can see Jaxel’s page and what he charges, you can see what TMO’s cases go for, and several other builders. I don’t even think Byrdo sticks go for $400…maybe with a Sanwa Flash.