HRAP3 or a very high end custom

I wouldn’t try and charge anyone anything, and I’m not bashing arcadeinabox. I apologize if I quoted their prices wrong. I just want to see what people want and how much they want to pay for it. If someone released a stick that was no better than what’s out there and costs twice as much their business would fail. I’m just trying to get the voice of the community.

Unless it was diamond incrusted. Then it might sell.

1 more thing I forgot. For instance that vewlix stick that neogeo made I prolly would pay 400 for if I really wanted it. It’s 1 of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen and I have somewhat of a disposable income. I didn’t know sticks that sexy sell for such a low price, that’s kind of the information I was looking for.

If I couldn’t mod worth shit, I would probably either pay $150 for an HRAP or get an agetec modded. $400 for a custom is way too much. A stick costing more than a new current-gen console = :looney:

What parts did you order?

In mine, I have an iL competition, with Seimitsu buttons. I should have just said “part” instead of parts, as I love the Seimitsu. But I had them laid out in American style straight layout, because it was all I had ever played on (minus the Namco back in 1993 or so).

After playing on a VSHG, I knew I could never look back. Hind sight is 20/20.

A good gauge to go by may be Jaxel. For a full size custom, with paint, Sanwa JLF, Sanwa buttons, art work, using a 3rd party PSX controller, you’re looking at $206, and he sells them like hot cakes. Where on the other end of the spectrum, having all top options available, his sticks run up to $348. But he has a lot of experience and his products are top notch, and has a name for himself. Being a new builder is hard because there just isn’t any credibility. Not to mention, many other various factors, such as hard woods or MDF?

is it a 2 x 1 sale?

i prefer customs because they generally weigh more and you can have them set up to whatever button / joystick position you want. i prefer a slightly wider distance between the joystick and buttons than an hrap 2. altho it is a solid piece of machinery. i would say if you get a custom, know what type of layout you want first.

Grab the custom. I was in your situation not to long ago and got the hrap first. While it is a solid stick, I always kept on looking at custom joysticks and double thinking my decision. I ended up buying both and you will do the same unless you grab the custom first lol. Good luck!