HRAP3 or street fighter TE


I am looking to buy one of these two arcade sticks, which one do you recommend?
I am leaning for the HORI right now because it works with PC as far as I heard
I intend to replace the buttons on either stick I get with sanwa buttons

does street fighter TE come with a sanwa stick? I know the HORI does

I heard the HRAP3 lags, is that true?


This is a joke right?

no, why would you think so?

Use. The. Search.

HRAP3 uses Sanwa JLF with Hori buttons. TE uses Sanwa JLF and Sanwa buttons.

Both work on PC - PS3 TE has issues with non Intel boards.

Man the guy doesn’t even need to use the search, he can just look at the stickies or browse a few pages and hes got his answer

sorry for not living on this forum and dedicating my life to arcade sticks.

the main question was what would people recommend, I would appreciate if someone answers that.
people tell me to avoid madcatz because their PCB are bad or something, any info on that?

go for the Madcatz Tournament stick, its the finest joystick you can buy. Its basically what you get in a SF4 arcade, so nuff said really. The SE version has had issues with the PCB but its covered by a great madcatz warranty. Get the 360 version of the TE if you can and dual mod it.

^ the SE version had problems with washer in the joystick grinding the joystick pcb, not the actual main pcb itself. As far as im concered that’s fixed too.

The thing about the it is, i might be able to get it for 200$ at least (that is how prices are here) but the HRAP3 is 110$
Is it worth the extra money?

also the guys above said both have the same sticks, shouldn’t both feel the same? (when if I put sanwa buttons into HRAP3)

I am going for the TE if I buy a street fighter arcade stick

The main games I plan to use this for is Tekken>Blazblue>Street fighter (the order I play at)

Both are good sticks. Pretty much all it boils down to is the button layout.

Do you prefer the Vewlix layout that the TE has or the HRAP layout.

If either layout is fine with you then go for whichever would be cheaper. The TE already comes with Sanwa buttons and you can get it now for about 125-130 bucks on,, ect ect.

The HRAP would prob cost more since it goes for about the same price as a TE minus having the Sanwa buttons already included, so you would need to buy those too if you want the best quality.

Also if you are into dual-modding your new stick then go with a XBox360 TE since its the easiest to dual mod out of both TEs and HRAPs. The Xbox360 HRAP would need a new PCB I think since its not common ground if I recall correctly.

So if button layout doesn’t matter to you then the Xbox360 TE would be the best choice followed by the PS3 TE, then HRAP 3/EX in my opinion ofcourse.

EDIT: but if you can get an HRAP 3 + Sanwa buttons for cheaper then a stock TE then go for it! :smiley:

I don’t live in the US and shipping all the way here is around 100$ so I would get a higher price (TE locally is 200$, HRAP3 is around 120$)

I forgot to mention I want PS3 sticks not 360, I don’t play fighting games on 360 for the most part

The only mods I would do is add sanwa buttons, I really wouldn’t like to mess with the PCB

Have you used sticks before?

Specifically sticks with Sanwa buttons?

Personally, I prefer the stock buttons on the HRAP to the Sanwa buttons on the TE. Button layout is probably more important.

If you know people with both sticks, test them out first.

Where do you live? $200 for the TE sounds like Canada… NCIX has it for $160 shipped right now.

Also, using the search is not “living on the forum”, it’s using common sense instead of spamming the boards with the same question that is answered in the stickies or the previous 29402834234 threads on this same question.

Ok well then all you would need to do is calculate how much an HRAP PS3 stick + Sanwa buttons would cost versus the Madcatz TE PS3 stick.

I myself don’t like the TE button layout much as it makes me put my right wrist/forearm in an awkward position which makes my shoulder hurt after playing SF IV for long periods of time. I play with the stick on my lap and have to bend my right wrist while hitting the buttons while playing. This causes fatigue in my shoulder. If my wrist were totally straight while hitting the buttons then it wouldn’t cause the pain in my shoulder. Pretty much how people avoid getting carpal tunnel syndrome by keeping their wrists straight while typing and not bending them.

I don’t like the HRAP 3 layout either. My next stick will be a modded HRAP 1 since the button layout is perfect for the way I place my wrist and forearm while playing.

No, this will be my first arcade stick. I like to get used to the best parts from the start because switching and getting used to new stuff is always a pain

My bad, let it slide this time :rofl:
I was in Canada last month and it was selling for 200$ in EB games but now I am in Dubai and its selling for about the same price with NO warranty what so ever …
I should have bought one in Canada… and I thought the 90 days warranty was stupid…

Sadly not many I know have arcade sticks let alone these…
I guess I will try HORI this time, I somehow trust Japanese builds more than American lol

Best is subjective though. Why not see how you get on with the stock parts before ripping them out of there for buttons you may not even like?

I don’t know why I even considered sanwa before testing out hori stock buttons…
I will test out HORI stock buttons first if I don’t like them then I will switch to sanwa when I put my custom art on it

thanks for pointing out that

Personally, I’d say go for the TE. I saw one at EB for $200, woulda snatched it quickfast if I had the money. The TE is fully Sanwa-fied and it’s mostly made by Capcom themselves.

MadCatz traits are mostly seen in the SE. And even then, the imitation buttons & joystick on the SE aren’t even that bad. I bought it on eBay from a pretty legit guy, cept it didn’t have a warranty. I’ve had the stick for 2 months now and the buttons aren’t broken and the joystick is still working fine. It feels clunky at times, but I still manage. Will be modding it soon tho!

I think you should go TE, but that’s just my opinion. It all comes down to preference.

Well at least if you go with the HRAP 3 you can upgrade the buttons easily. When I first started getting serious about fighting games I went and bought a Hori Fighting Stick 3 and regret doing so.

I bought it because I was like… “Its my first stick, it will be fine for getting the hang of things and playing casually” how wrong I was. The stick outright sucked for me, I wasn’t happy with the stock parts. The worst thing was that I couldn’t just “upgrade to Sanwa joystick + buttons” with the HFS3, it requires all kinds of work to get Sanwa parts in it.

If I could do it again, I would’ve just bought the SE stick for my first stick. The stock buttons and joystick are better then Hori stock buttons/stick + its way easy for an amateur to switch out the buttons/stick on the SE.

My next stick will be a PS3/Xbox360 dual mod HRAP 1 or T5 stick. That or a HRAP 3 Amazon JP stick (even though I don’t like the HRAP 2-3 layout I love the color scheme of this stick)

note : I didnt notice you meant hori Fighting Stick and not Real arcade pro 3 3, don’t mind this post