Hello, I’m a newbie/beginner/whatever-you-want-to-address-me-as, and I’ve been considering to buy an arcade stick to play most of my fighting games on PC, PS2 and eventually PS3 (when I’ll own one :D). Now I’ve read good things about these two sticks, but which one would you suggest buying over the other? So far I’ve been mostly playing MAME and 2D doujin fighting games (Melty Blood, Monster, and recent Big Bang Beat), and I’ll most likely be playing GGXX Accent Core as soon as I’ll getmy hands on it. Both sticks seem really cool, but since I’m really ignorant about sticks in general I don’t know what real positive or negative aspects they have. So if you could somehow give me an opinion or just point me to one of the two, I’d be really thankful. :slight_smile:

HRAP3 review
VSHG Review

if you would like to play on ps2, ps3 and pc then you could try a HRAP2 with a pelican converter

Based on layout preference I personally would choose the
Hori Real Arcade Pro 3.
I play SNK video games and would like to have a row of 1x4.
(This is in contrast to’s majority.)
And when playing Capcom video games I still have the choice of 2x3.
Covering buttons you do not want is easier
then adding buttons you would like to have extra.

They both use the Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK for a stick.
The Sega Virtua Stick High Grade however uses
Sanwa action buttons from the get go.

Replacing the parts on both joysticks is easy,
might the original buttons and joystick not satisfy.

plus the vshg is for virtua fighter

the layout is a little funny, if youre gonna be playing capcom games

Quick question, if want to play lets say VSHG on my ps2 can I do that ? Or should I need that pelican converter.

The Pelican Converter doesn’t work that way

its PS->USB

not USB->PS

Your new avatar rules Shoo. Futurama is god tier.

hrap3 works with ps2 games with the newest firmware update.

Thanks a lot for the input, guys. I suppose that based on the layout I do like the VSHG more, so I’ll probably buy that one. One last question: are these sticks compatible only on MAME or can they be used on PC fighting games as well (as I’ve mentioned above, Melty Blood, BBB, and so on)? I just want to make sure I’m buying a versatile stick since I can’t really afford to get more than one.