HRAP3 pcb repair?

Alright, so I need a little information on how I can repair/rewire it so that I can use it again (if possible).

The green and yellow direction (up and down) wires originally fell out, and I tried to re-solder them, but I melted some glue in the process over the holes. After that happened, I ended up getting the glue off most of the way, but in the process I fucked up the contacts, now it’s pretty much useless as far as I can tell… But before I go and do something stupid like get another stick, I would rather just try to fix it. can it actually be fixed, or is it a lost cause?

Please move to the right thread if there by some chance is already one like this…

Look at the contacts, find the traces leading to where the contacts used to be, expose said traces, solder to them. Just be very careful not to tug on this after soldering to it. After soldering it, test it to make sure its working, then hot glue it down so the delicate connection won’t be so easily broken.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot later on today/tonight.