HRAP3 price

Is $134 a reasonable price for a brand new hrap3 w/o shipping included ?

I just sold one for 149.99 plus shipping. I paid 118.00 for it shipped overnight from Amazon so that price doesn’t seem to bad.

It’s a nice stick, I tried it out. I just preferred the size and button layout of the SE.

If that’s how much its worth to have it now for you, go for it.

I got one brand new for $107 shipped a couple weeks ago.

Would you mind telling me where’d you order it ?

i got mine from amazon for 107 shipped also (they charge tax in new york and i have amazon prime). but they went out of stock soon after and i dunno if they’ve had any back since SFIV shipped. I think every place that had it online is sold out.

Retail price for the HRAP3 is $100 for the U.S version. $130 for the Jap version. I also got my my Amazon a couple of weeks ago for $107 shipped.

i got mine for 90 shipped before sf4 came out. i think it is worth the 135 shipped.

there are some available at

but the website increased their price on it over the week-end

I thought the site was in CAD$ until the 2nd last screen of checkout where it tells you price in US$. funny how there is no mention of it anywhere else for a Canadian site, but maybe i missed it.

I got mine at eBay for $138.80 with free shipping as a result of a last second bid. I think they are running at $140 to $150 over there right now with an occasional auction ending in the $130’s and a rare one in the $120s. I know they used to be $90 a couple of weeks ago, but with depleted stocks and the current high demand, those days are long gone, and $134 sounds pretty reasonable. Of course you could try to score a PS3 MadCatz SE instead ($80 to $90 on eBay and $70 retail) and mod it to be equivalent. With a Sanwa stick and stock buttons, and SE will be a cheaper option at $100-$120 than a HRAP3, and even going all Sanwa will cost you at most $150, which will put the SE at above HRAP3 quality.

Do you know when will they have more hrap3 in stock ? Did hori announce anything ?

Yeah, I fell into that trap as well. I sent them an email asking some clarification on pricing since the stick comes out to $163 US and with conversion comes out to $208 CAD. Hardly a deal. Pretty sneaky of a Canadian website thats based in Montreal to offer only US funds.

I’ll be hitting pacific mall tomorrow during my “extended” lunch break :bgrin: to see if they have any stock. crosses fingers