HRAP3 prices

Okay so i got lazy and didnt look through all the threads to see if this was already posted. I just wanted to know what was up witht he HRAP3 stick. i looked on the hori website it said it csot 99.99 so i cliekd the two lingk amazon and arcade shock. On amazon the prices were like $140+ and on arcade shock had the stick for 99.99 but they said they wont get any HRAP3 until july. if anyone knows where i can get the stick for the regualr price of 99.99 sooner than july i.e now . I would really appreciate it.

Once again sorry for not checking all the thread but im soooo lazy.

Just for your laziness I hope you dont get a damn stick until next year.
And no, prices aren’t going down anytime soon.
Start selling drugs.

there isn’t any place that sells the hrap3 at retail price so either 140+ or no stick

Nobody wants to buy any sticks lately, because SFIV turned poor sales after getting horrible reviews. So far 2009 is the year of the death of fighting games. All of the retail outlets that had bought up tons of sticks well in advance, in anticipation of high SFIV sales, found themselves with far more sticks than they could sell. For the few dedicated fans that want a stick badly enough, they’ve jacked up the prices to try to recover their investment.

Good luck!

I’m sure there are ways. I’d sell you mine for $99, but shipping might be in the order of $100 :stuck_out_tongue:

This man speaks the truth.


Lol at new member neg reappage.

sounds about right

guy just came to pick up my hori ex2 for 120 bucks haha

Stores bought to many stick i highly doubt that i know game stop took to many pre orders and still are not able to deliver

yeah whatever about stores selling to recover costs…makes no sense because demand is crazy. must be people playing some other game after sf4 came out.

if your going buy a HRAP3 for 140+ get a custom instead…