HRAP3 Problem

Hi guys, i downloaded third strike today for the ps3 and when im in a fight 1 or 2 buttons on my hrap3 randomly wont work,the buttons that wont seem to work are always light and medium kick. When going through menu’s those buttons work fine but in the middle of game they never seem to work. Occassionally i get my light kick back but medium kick is permanently dud. ive tested the stick on other games such MVC2 and SF HDR and everything functions as normal. I’ve tested third strike with a regular official sony pad and all works fine.

If anyone can shed any light or help me in any way it would much apreciated.

pictures of your stick’s insides of possible please

Someone else posted a similar problem but with a 360 pcb (type unconfirmed). The controller works fine on every other game but seems to have trouble with 3SO, official controllers seem to work ok.

Speculation, but could it be a bug in the game code?

I also read other people had problems with their sticks, regarding the same buttons as myself.

I’m assuming its something to do with the game, i even tested my madcatz SF fightpad and that works perfectly fine.

Its really annoying as i want to play third strike with a stick.

could be the button going bad (and yes even with the reports, their button could be going bad as well)

open the stick up and short the button a few times. If it works fine then its most likely the button needs to be replaced