HRAP3 Problems

My HRAP3 randomly sends out jump/up commands, even though the stick is in a neutral position. This occurs about once every 5 minutes.

Even stranger is that my ps3 will randomly go to the Home menu during play, which will cause GGXXAC to only pause game, while cause MVC2 to reset completely.

I know this isn’t a problem with my ps3. Normal controllers and other sticks work fine. This isn’t because of a bad disc, because the problems are the same across games.

What’s causing my HRAP3 to send out these random signals? A bad PCB? I have it connected to my ps3 through a second USB cable because my couch and tv are far apart. I know that’s probably not the problem but just in case…


tried it without the extra cable first?

Its not the extra cable it happens to me on my HRAP3 as well. Wish i knew the cause of this.

I happen to have two HRAP3s. In the interest of science, I did a lot of pointless things:

PS2 Mode - GGXX: AC - Vs. Mode - Infinite Time

I set both joysticks down on a stable surface and viewed from afar. Both characters randomly jumped. A lot more often than once per 5 minutes, also. Probably it’s just not as noticeable when you’re actually spamming inputs yourself. Usually the 1P stick would jump more often than the 2P stick (the only real difference is that currently the 2P stick has all its screws and nuts off, and the wires are no longer taped down to the base), though sometimes they would jump (almost) in sync several successive times.

Changing the USB ports did nothing. Changing to analog mode did nothing. Also of note is that besides jumping, I saw some other random movement, like 1P backing up slightly. I’ve also had the game randomly pause before (though not during tonight’s experiments), so it seems safe to assume that while jump is the most prevalent random input, it’s certainly not limited to that. I screwed around with this for 20-40 minutes.

PS3 Mode - Tekken 5: DR - Vs. Mode - Infinite Time

I started off the same here as before. Nothing interesting happened, even though I let it sit there for a good 20 minutes.

I don’t have any USB extensions, I switched between all USB ports, and the PS3 (60GB model) and HRAP3s are all fairly new out of the box. Not to mention that the problem was identical with both joysticks, and other folks have mentioned the same things about them (in PS2 mode). I don’t know anything about technical stuff, but my uninformed opinion would be that since the joysticks don’t appear to be sending random signals during normal PS3 mode operation, that they aren’t just randomly sending signals all the time. It would seem there is some kind of incompatibility with them and PS2 mode (or possibly an incompatibility with PS2 mode and all non-SIXAXIS PS3 controllers; I don’t have anything else to test with besides the SIXAXIS and the HRAP3 so I can’t rule that out). I’m not sure if this is Hori’s or Sony’s fault, or if it could (or will) be fixed in a future system software update, but I’d go with what everyone else says about these sorts of things:

Keep playing PS2 games on a PS2 with a PS2 stick. :sad:

Oh, and to the OP: What other joysticks have you tried using with your PS3? Are they joysticks made for PS3, or PS2 joysticks with an adapter?

I wish this issue gets fixed soon. I am having the same issue with random jumping, and random home menu, which causes many games to reset.