HRAP3+ps3 to ps2 cable=good to go for ps2 gaming?

I’ve been searching for an answer to this question all day, but can seem to find an answer. Can I use my HRAP3 on my ps2 with a ps2 to ps3 converter cable? or is it only for use with a ps2 controller on the ps3?:confused:

erm what?

HRAP3s are for ps3 so you dont need a ps2 -> ps3 converter cable

My thoughts are no, but I don’t know off hand. I don’t even know of any USB to PS2 adapters off the top of my head though. Then again I’ve never looked for one since I didn’t see the need…


I’m asking if I can play with my HRAP3 on my ps2?
I don’t have a HRAP3 yet but I’d rather get that since they no longer make HRAP2, and I called my local Gamestop’s all 7 of em and they said they sold out of HRAP2’s some time ago.
Anyway, since there aren’t that many ps3 fighters out yet, I was considering not buying a ps3 until some good games come out, so far it’s just been shooters, sports, and rap aka DefJam. I’m more of a Monster Hunter/SNK/Capcom guy.

Oh and Paik, I found this one:

although I don’t know if it will work the other way around.

HRAP2 will be resold by Hori again even though they have said twice already that they were doing a “final” shipment. The current date is April 12 for re-release. There are also various places where yo could probably still snag one online. I think my local import shop has some as well but at a ridiculous mark up.


April 12 sounds good. I’m hoping they will go for about $50, I wanna buy at least 2 :smiley:

HRAPS can still be bought online for around 100+
as for that converter it looks like a weird ass ps2 - > ps3 converter
honestly i cant say much since that products not even out yet but honestly i’ve never seen a converter convert usb to a console port i’ve looked too

Just for the record, Gamestop/Ebgames have NEVER, EVER sold HRAP1s/2s. The only way you can get them is by import stores. I would be so surprised if they ever did and I bet you the majority of the employees at gamestop/ebgames wouldn’t even know what it is either.

you went into a gamestop and asked for HRAPs? >_<

did you put down $5 for an import title and asked when their next shipment of freeloaders will come in, too? lol

sorry for razzing but that is such a noob move.
btw, that link you gave is a PS2 controller to USB adapter. What you’re looking for is a USB to PS2 adapter. Similar to other peeps, I’ve yet to see a reliable one.

Keep looking though. I know a lot of people looking to get a HRAP3 on their PS2.

Personally, I’ll probably just bypass all that and put a PS2 pcb in myself.