HRAP3 (PS3)....worth it?

Got HD Remix and I’m decent at the controller but with SF4 on the horizon, I want to step my game up and try something different.

After word of mouth(prior to coming here) I heard this is one of the top sticks you could buy.

I currently have it on pre-order but after reading some posts on here, it seems that this is a good stick but there are better out there…should I keep it on pre-order or try for a better stick? Or even get this and mod it?

This would be my first arcade stick EVER for the record…I don’t think I’ll be playing TOO seriously to get really technical with the stick I’m using, but I would like to improve the best way possible.


I’m in the same exact boat as you. I’m looking to buy a stick for the street fighter games I play. From my research, I’ve heard that the HRAP3 is a good stick but I have heard the buttons are good but far from the best. A lot of people mod their stick and switch out the stock hori buttons for sanwa or seimitsu buttons. I’ve found thread explaining how to do this on a HRAP2 but I’m not sure if the process is the same for the HRAP3. I would think its very similar but I’m not sure if its exactly the same. Another option, would to purchase a HRAP3: SA, its a new stick that will be released tomorrow (in limited supplies) which comes stock with all sanwa parts, including buttons. I’m still learning about sticks and my knowledge is somewhat limited but I hope this helped.

HRAP3 is pretty good. But yeah, the buttons are far from being good. I’m thinking about modding mines, but I’ll wait till the buttons die out or something.

not bad, but i would reccomend pre-ordering this one

i’m waiting very impatiently for mine

It is very very easy to mod the buttons especially with the quick disconnects that come with the stick. May I suggest some OBSF-30 buttons from Lizard Licks or Akihabara shop?

As an HRAP 3 owner myself, I can tell you that it is a very GOOD stick. No arguement there. The base of the stick is metal plating, so is the face panel, and the sides are made of this very solid, hard-feeling matte material that doesn’t echo when you knock on it so it feels like it’s built like a rock. Very sturdy and resembles an arcade panel.

A thing to note though, is that if you’re not used to square-gates and ball-tops, the HRAP 3 might take a little getting used to.

In regards to buttons, I’ve played about a month with my HRAP 3 using stock Hori buttons and they are perfectly fine if you’re the casual gamer. However, if you’re already willing to shell out the money to get an HRAP 3, you may as well go the extra mile and grab yourself a set of Sanwas / Seimitsus (Whichever suits you) to maximize your stick’s potential. The buttons all use quick-disconnects on the HRAP 3 and the tutorials in SRK should be able to fill in the details on how to switch them up. Alternatively, as someone else here suggested, you can also grab the HRAP 3: SA which comes with Sanwa parts by default to save yourself the trouble.

But regardless of whether or not you intend to mod it, using the HRAP 3 is never a bad choice. If you’re into fighters or are looking to get into fighters, this stick will serve you well. I know it has for me.

Hope this helps!

As I am in the same sittuation as you
where can I find how to change the buttons if that is what I will chose to do?

My first stick was a T5 stick(T5 uses Hori parts, not Sanwa). To me, it was perfect the way it was. Played on it for about a year with no complaints. Then I saw the HRAP3 AV version(white case/buttons/black top) and it just looked too sexy so I had to buy it. I also bought Sanwa buttons too.

I figured, why not see what the fuss is all about with these “Sanwa” parts and I wouldn’t mind having 2 sticks. At first I didn’t really notice a big difference between my T5 and this modded Hrap 3. As I played on it longer, one day I decided to go back to the T5 and I noticed a HUUUUGE difference. The stick on the T5 is a lot stiffer and the buttons were a lot harder. Now I can’t go back to Hori parts. Well I can, it’s just if I got to pick, Sanwa parts all the way.

It’s like looking at porn. You use to be able to get off just by looking at photos. But then once you have been exposed to videos, it’s hard to go back to looking at just photos because you’re so use to videos.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, for your first stick, if you really don’t want to shell out $150+ for a top of the line stick, you don’t need to. A Hori Fighting Stick 3 is just as good for starters.

u can actually pop the buttons right out thru the top with a small flat head screw driver then just hook the quick connects up to the new button and pop it right back in

u dont even need to open the thing up
i recommend getting button caps for the end 2 buttons then just popping them out and put some electrical tape on the quick connect to they cant activate then tape the button wires together push them back down then pop your button caps in and your done

takes like 5 min and u dont have to open anything up

and yes its worth it

I am more of a visual guy
any pictures/videos on how to do this?

and why would you not want those 2 buttons?

nah i dont have pics but if u looks at the buttons u will figure it out mad quick
u just use the flat head to pop out the middle of the button then use it to bend the 2 plastic locks and the button easily slides out

and why would u want 2 more buttons that dont get used in any fighter?

unless u use training mode record replay shit

Alright…looks like I’ll go all the way with this and switch buttons if need be.

Thanks guys

I have 2 new-in-box hrap3 for sale at $130 cash if you live in southern california. Don’t have to wait for amazon to ship.

Great stick. So long as you buy better buttons. Hori buttons stink. But the stick is easily modified with upgraded buttons and instatnly becomes as good as the very best on the market.

just order $20 in buttons from one of the vendors here and you’ll be doing some serious upper-class gaming on your HRAP 3.

it’s also easy to mod for PS3 / 360 compatability.

I checked on Lizard Lick for the buttons

Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton with Vertical Microswitch

10 of these + shipping + HRAP3 + shipping comes to 142.92…meaning I might as well pre-order that SFIV stick anyway

But I would like to try out modding for myself to be quite honest…plus I’d have this one a lot sooner…and I’m assuming this thread could also work for the HRAP3 as well?

HRAP 3 + those buttons = SF4 TE stick (for all intensive purposes), and 2 months sooner. unless you need independent turbo switches, the HRAP 3 is a known quantity with known quality.

up to you, though.

and yes, that is how you change out the buttons/sticks in a hrap 2/3.

thats good for the stick but not needed for the buttons to be changed

amazon charges for shipping on sticks now? anyways you don’t need 10 buttons you need 6 and 2 button holes. Also you should PM lizardlick and see if he can’t put it in a cheaper envelope. He gives you the quote for priority but refunds any money that isn’t used. I can’t imagine 6 buttons weighing anywhere near a pound. It’d probably be like 3 bucks shipping.

Guess I’m riding with the HRAP3 then.

Alright…I’ll take note of this.

Thanks again guys.

whoops i meant to say button plugs not button holes. having gaping holes in your top panel is not a good look. :rofl: