HRAP3 Questions


sorry if this has been gone over before. i’m a new use to SRK but have been a long time fan of SF
I’m wondering about my HRAP3 this is gonna be my 1st stick to mod so i’m wondering what size the 8 main pushbuttons are as well as the start and select button.

another question would be how do i change out the ball top
i know how to do the push buttons
but the top is a different thing. do i need to change out the whole stick? and what are the dimensions for said ball top


where can i pick up buttons and balltops? i live in hawaii so i’m not expecting to find any local stores
but where online can i find parts.


Please search.

There’s a FAQ explaining all of this.


i would… but for the rest of the week the search function has been disabled due to the sudden swarm of SF fans. theres an anouncement at the top of each forum of this.


I have the same questions as the OP too as this is my first arcade stick and plan to mod my HRAP 3. Since the search function is disable its been hard to find clear anwser on how to mod a HRAP 3.


The essential thread would’ve solve your problems.

Check my tutorial. If you’re not replacing the stick, you can follow this guide to replace buttons/balltop.


so your saying in theory replacing the buttons on both hrap2 and 3 is the same as far as what buttons will and wont work and how easy it is to swap them out?


Yes. The only difference between the HRAP2 and the HRAP3 top panel is the mounting bracket for the joystick. Anything that does with the buttons that works with one will work with the other.


sweet, i had heard that about the joystick from reading up on here, just was clarifying about the buttons. Thanks for the info.