HRAP3-SA, HRAP3 and Mad Catz TE compatibility question


Hi to all the learned folk here on srk

I’ve been trying to get a couple of high quality sticks for some at home local tourneys with mates but here in London the options for HIGH quality sticks are incredibly stingy! The other problem is the price of what few sticks we do have are a straight rip off compared to other nations.

For example the Mad Catz TE over here retails for the equivalent of $151.40 - and that’s if you can find it at that DISCOUNTED price. The rrp is actually $227.10!

Because of this I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a friend of mine across the pond to buy it stateside and ship it to me in London. They dont know anything about video games so they probably wouldn’t know of the cheapest outlets but Amazon US has prices which would certainly make it worthwhile - barring any extortionate shipping fees.

My question is: are the subject named sticks bought from the US compatible with a UK spec PS3? I’m in doubt about this since I discovered that the Hori’s will play PS2 software and I know for certain that PS2 games in the US are not compatible with UK Spec PS2’s so I thought there may be a conflict issue there. For the record they’ll be used for S/SF4, Blazeblue (still not out here for a couple of weeks!), SC4 and Tekken 6.

Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated since I plan to move on this fairly quickly; the last time a new SF came out over here you couldn’t pick up a stick for literally months!

Thanks again



There is no such thing as region lock on controllers.


Since sticks are controllers, they will work. There should be no problem with compatibility at all no matter what country you are in. :slight_smile: