Hi guys! First time poster here, just recently purchased the PS3 and SFIV and been doing a bit of research on joysticks and came across the HRAP3:SA but I can’t find it on the website even though an image of it pops on the main page… Can anyone help me out???

I didn’t realise how crap it is playing fighting games on the gamepad :confused:

why dont you post in his thread. Better yet, why dont you email him… >_>

I’ll do you one better…
If you do find it on his site, it’ll most likely just have a link to his email.

I thought those were sold out a long time ago.

Well it did say the ad was made on the 30th of Jan 2009, not too long ago I guess, might be a long time for joysticks perhaps. New to the area.

I already sent an e-mail using the online form cause I couldn’t find the product page to make the purchase from. Thought someone here might know. anyway will wait for a response.

It is SOLD OUT, sorry.

We may get some in during March (and some HRAP.EX-SE :slight_smile:).


?HRAP EX-SE resupply? :sweat:
Are you going to allow pre-orders Per?
Again, very awesome for all the business you’re getting! Hang in there!

is there someway of pre-ordering them??

what about just the HRAP3’s, they in stock?

I would also like to know about pre orders… I’m down for a HRAP3:SA to add to my collection…

it’s the end of march now, any news on these hrap3:sa’s???

Hell yes, I need me a HRAP:3 SA…would get one in a heartbeat.

If there’s gonna be a pre-order list for the HRAP EX-SE (Xbox 360), add me to the list, I’m ready to pay upfront.

here you go casual stevo, lol:

999 euro!!