HRAP3 Somewhat Laggy On PC?

Is it just me, or is the HRAP3 somewhat laggy on PC? I have tested it and a few others have tested it, especially with 3S on various emulators, and it’s about 0.3ms delayed. Though a very small delay time, I have used an InPin with a modded Virtua Stick, and a serial port converter, and they seemed much more responsive, almost instant.

I was curious if anyone else felt any delay with the HRAP3. I have the Japanese SF4 HRAP3 if that means anything.

Note: I have used a USB tweaker, and still have similar results.

Licensed HRAP3 comes with stock Hori buttons.

Never had an issue with delay on my HRAP 3 using various emulators and GGPO.

It could be your PC’s usb controller.