HRAP3 stick crapped out on me -- help troubleshoot?


Hey guys,

I’ve been playing on my modified HRAP3 for some time, and during game-play the stick itself stopped working. The weird thing is, the ps3 still recognizes it, and all the buttons work – just no directional. I tried opening to see if a wire was crimped or something, and everything looks fine.

Any idea what the problem could be? Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need further info or pics.


im not an expert or anything, but i figure if the directional isnt working then the connector either disconnected or crapped out on you, but im not familiar with that model of fightstick so its just a guess.


Well, I had a buddy of mine bring his HRAP3 over as well, and I connected his stick with my base, and had the same issue. Not sure if that helps with the troubleshooting.


What do you mean his stick with your base?


Well, I opened up both sticks side by side, and disconnected my stick via the cable from the motherboard (or whatever the board is, sorry, I’m not familliar with the proper names). I then connected his joystick (the stick itself) to the cable coming from mine. The idea was to see if it was something with the stick itself malfunctioning, but I had the same result.

Hope that makes sense. I just saw another thread where people are having similar issues, in that there’s a switch somewhere along the turbo button that can be changed… I’ll toy with that once I get home, but I don’t recall it being a feature on my HRAP3 – I think the switch was just for the speed of the turbo? Could be wrong. I’ll post results once I’m home, but any help in the mean time is appreciated.


problem solved. The joystick was set to “right stick” :-x