Hrap3 stick fell in?!?!?!?!? - how to mount s plate

wtf…so im playing 3s my sticks falls in…seems however the mounting plate that comes stock just didnt stick right, how do i fix this? it looks like the weld was weak…and it also looks like i will have to drill holes in the whole cover plate to fix it…wtf is going on. how can i fix this.thx guys

after looking at my hrap 3 it seems i have a JLF-TP-8S stick in it with a S plate somehow…is this stock or did i get some swapped out bs from the shop?

how do i mount a S plate into a hrap 3?

do i need to glue or do i need to drill a whole thru the top plate?! ive search thru hella threads with no detailed answer on how these are stock mounted and mod mounted

:rofl: Would expect something like that from marvel

You could try to get some JB weld from an autoparts store and use that to mount the stock mounting plate. Hopefully you didn’t crack the stock mounting plate. If so then you could go with the S-plate.

the S plate was stock in it…at least when i bought it from the store it was. so the problem is once the S plate dislogdes from the wack ass weld job its no screws on the hrap3 to rescrew it on…u either drill wholes in the top which would show on the top side…or seems i have to reglue but…i mean, fuck… wont this just happen again, or is the glue just that strong

JB weld isn’t glue it’s like an epoxy. Apparently it’s super strong so it should hold the plate with no issues. Just read the instructions on how to mix this stuff.

Or you can get another custom faceplate for the HRAP like that one guy is selling.

Get it spot welded back into place. Try a muffler shop.

how much that cost son

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