HRAP3 template help


Hey guys, I plan to print a template out at kinkos what is the paper material that i print it on? and what do i use to cut the holes on the template because i dont want to mess up the holes. Thanks guys!


you can print it on any paper that is not glossy (if you plan to laminate it). i would recommend just getting the regular laser printer. you can cut the holes with an x-acto knife, and trim the edges of the template with scissors.


oh thanks! so do i just bring my stick to kinkos and they would laminate it for me? or something


WHAT? No, you print out your customized template (with art or whatever) at Kinkos. Then have them lami-label it. You cut out the holes, then attach the customized, laminated template to the front plate.

Laminate your stickā€¦ srsly?


lol oh alright thanks