HRAP3 to be sold stateside?

I don’t know if anyone has seen this, but play-asia is showing a US region version of the HRAP3. So does that mean that the HRAP3 will be trickling into our local Gamestops? Maybe this is in preparation for Tekken 6 and Street Fighter 4.

If true, then fuck yes. I will hit up all my local stores to see if I can get it without paying a massive shipping cost.

Would be a smart move if hori they did sell these stateside I think more people would buy them with the release of these games.

no us hrap2sa release?:sad:

if sales are x2 thier expectations im sure that they would. and that would be BADASS!

I noticed this as well some time ago on play-asia but I never put it together that this thing might be hitting the states…that would just be fantastic to run down to gamestop/EB and pick one up…

$119.90? Weren’t they $89.90 before?

i have an hrap2 and an hrap3 av already, but if i saw one in gamestop i would def pick one up for shits and giggles.

im modding my hrap2 with all seimitsu parts, my hrap3 with all sanwa, and i would put all american/happ parts in my third stick (bat top perfect 360, happ competition buttons)

If you were importing it from Japan, yeah, but then you’d pay shipping charges out of the wazoo. Paying $120 for a domestic release beats paying $140-160 for importing a $90 stick after shipping costs.