HRAP3 troubleshooting


I am having a problem with my HRAP3 ball top. It’s actually a Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top that I put in when I added Sanwa buttons. It was fine for quite a while (4-5 months). But on Monday, the ball top got loose so I had to crack the thing open again and tighten it up. Last night I started playing some SF4 and the ball came loose again.

Needless to say, I would rather not have to open it up twice a week to tighten up the balltop. I was thinking about putting some sort of adhesive on the the threads before I tighten it back up.

Has anyone else ever had a problem with a ball top continuously coming loose? Also, what do you guys think of my adhesive on the ball’s threads idea? Any suggestions as to what type of adhesive would work well for this application? Do you think I need to replace the balltop or the shaft?

Thanks guys. I’ve been searching the forums since Monday trying to find a similar problem, but I could not find one. So I broke down and created a thread. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Try some Teflon tape,it’s usually used to add to threads to make a more snug joint, or if you are set on keeping that particular balltop and have faith in the longevity of your stick, Loctite glue.


if you put red or green loctite on it, it’ll never move again


i would use the teflon tape … loctite is a pain to get rid of if you want to chance your ball top again


Thanks guys. I will probably stop by the hardware store and get some teflon tape. That way I can still replace the stick if it is necessary later on.



i opened the stick back up and it turns out… the ball top wasn’t loose at all this time. However, the stick still feels a little loose to me. Is there a spring or a new joystick that i can put in my hrap3 to make it a little tighter and more responsive. the stock sanwa feels a little loose to me. I think I would like it to return to nuetral a little quicker. Any advice on specific springs or replacement parts that will help me make the joystick a little tighter? Thanks.


put one or two seimitsu ls32 springs in there … should work fine