HRAP3 usb cord repair/replace?

Can anyone here fix or help me fix my arcade stick? The USB wire is partially ripped out. I don’t know if i can repair the wire, replace the wire, or if I have to by a new component.

Please and Thank you.

Oh yeah, if anyone has a stick they would be interested in selling, let me know.

I don’t know where you are located (US of A, I presume ?) but I’m selling just the HRAP3 cord. Open your stick, remove the faulty cord, Plug and play. PM me if you’re interested.

USB cords are universally the same, from what I can tell from my experience. If you remove some of the insulation of the cord, you’ll see several colored wires: one red, one green, one white, and two black. Solder each wire back together to each respective color (though, one of the black wires is associated with the USB and the other is a common ground).