HRAP3 Work with ps2 games on ps3?

I’ve been finding mixed answers on the internet. Does anyone here know if the HRAP3 works with ps2 games on the ps3? Specifically Third strike, Capcom anniversary collection 2, CVS2, and guilty gear? If someone could give me a confirmed answer that would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I own a HRAP3 and it works fine on ps2 games.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the quick response. :slight_smile:

you it be class if you could get hrap3 to work on the ps2/or xbox

HRAP3 works fine on ps3 when i played SFAC on it.

HRAP3 has been working fine for awhile now, the past problems were solved by firmware updates a long time ago.

Have fun.

Do they lag?