Anyone modded the HRAP3 (white)?

I’m interested in seeing pics, and/or advice.

What kind of buttons you used, stick etc.

I recently got this, and I’m considering making the plunge being a total newbie :slight_smile:

I just swapped the white buttons for sanwas yesterday. Going to add a ps1 digital pad in there for ps2 support. I’ll post pics once i’m done with the project.

If you’re just going to mod the buttons, modding it should be the same as an HRAP2. Check out the Essential thread or my sig for my HRAP2 modding guide. Also, try using the search function/stickies next time. This question has been answered many times before. Doing this will avoid any unnecessary flaming.

I did try a search for the HRAP3 which was rather sparse, however I didn’t know it’d be the same as the HRAP2.

But I do now! :slight_smile:

My Sanwa parts should be here Monday (replacing all buttons and joystick ball-top + plugging two end holes). From there I’m going to get a replicate plate created with custom art, but removing the right two button holes entirely, as well as removing the turbo switch area.

I’ll be sure to document my progress.

Sounds nice. Can you share some details on this replicate plate? Where are you getting it from?

Which buttons are you using?

I’m thinking of ordering the OBSF - 30 from Akihabara…although I admit the Seimitsus really look interesting as well in terms of cosmetics.

If I were to order a meshball joystick top, is it simply a matter of screwing the ball on and off the existing stick?

Thank you so much for your help.

I’ve bought 2 Sanwa 30mm hole-plugs, 6 white Sanwa OBSF-30’s and 2 white Sanwa OBSF-24’s from Akihabara. I wasn’t really interested in Seimitsu buttons. I’d rather have super-responsive buttons rather than translucent ones that light up. Aesthetics are important, but not as important as performance.

I also bought a limited edition white Sanwa LB-35-M “MeshBall” balltop. And yes it’s just a matter of screwing the old one off and screwing the new one on, using a screw at the bottom of the joystick shaft (accessible once you’ve taken the HRAP back-plate off).

As for the top/face-plate - I’m enquiring with local metal-cutting shops and should decide on a feasable option sometime soon. I may get 15-20 made-up and sell them here if they’re cheap enough.

Awesome, sounds like you’ve got your setup going, exactly what I was thinking of…are the hole-plugs a must?

btw I really appreciate the dialogue… :slight_smile:

The hole-plugs aren’t a must at all, and might not actually be liked if you play Neo-Geo games, such as Samurai Shodown, where the typical button-layout is 4 buttons long. If you do play Neo-Geo titles, you might like to plug up a single end hole, instead of two. This leaves a row of 4 and a row of 3.

Personally all I play is Street Fighter, which uses two rows of 3 buttons only. With two rows of 4 (default HRAP) I sometimes accidentially shift my hands and end up hitting one of the two end buttons by mistake, which can cost matches. Plugging them up removes that confusion and frustration.

And as I mentioned, creating a custom HRAP plate without those holes removes the problem entirely.

Ahhh I got it now…it’s to remove L1 and l2, well…I’ll just keep it, no harm having it there imho :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to make an order now. :slight_smile:

After reading a few faqs, it looks like all I need to do is some snap in and out of the buttons and I’m good to go.

Even I can manage that :smiley:

I think :wink:

I think it’d be cool if sanwa had some carbon fibre buttons and ballsticks…


That’d look mighty cool on the White HRAP3