HRAP3SA available cheap on Amazon

I just got an email from Amazon saying they are taking orders for the HRAP3SA, to be shipped on 10/19/09. To top it off, it is only 119.99 with FREE shipping! This is a smoking hot deal:

I would jump on this, but I already have a modded HRAP3, and would buy a Viewlix layout if I wanted to get another stick.

To clarify, this is the HRAP with all Sanwa parts already built in! Hopefully you all don’t purchase it and then I end up changing my mind and try to purchase, but see they are sold out :xeye:

Your post didn’t make sense to me.

These have been available for pre-order since the beginning of Summer, same price.
Order Date: July 7, 2009

Items not yet shipped:
Shipping estimate: October 19, 2009

* 1 of: PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA
  Sold by:, LLC

I ordered mine two days ago from these guys. It has been shipped and is in route via Ups I have full tracking for it and it’s scheduled for delivery on the 7th.

I was going to order the EX-SE but Amazon won’t ship to Canada. Sigh.

My link has them and ships worldwide

yeah but they also charge $153 for UPS shipping. making that $100 stick a $300 stick. living in Canada SUcks

I don’t know the exact price for shipping, but I know it won’t be over $80.