HRAP3sa stick not working! help!


Ok so i have a HRAP3sa and i hardly use it. I stopped using it for a while then next thing i know when i tried to use it last night, the stick doesnt work but the buttons do.

I opened it up and no wires are loose or damaged. I tried plugging it into my bros ps3 and it doesnt work, i then plugged in the normal HRAP3 and it works fine so there is something wrong with my stick (or USB connector??)

Can someone help me out here please!!!?


try it on the pc?


c’mon, you’ve gotta give us more than “it doesn’t work halp!”


i was taking pics while you replied, then i tried it on pc and it was working so i didnt upload. I realised i had to recalabirate it on pc, now it works on ps3.

Not sure how this happened since i never plugged it into my pc!