HRAP3SA vs TE Stick and prices

Currently getting back into the scene after a very long time and I need a new stick for the PS3, my current options are:

Get a HRAP3SA off of craigslist for 60 dollars or buy a friend’s TE stick for a fair price, what would be a fair price for the TE stick these days and which of these sticks are generally preferred by players?

A fair price averages around $80 for a TE.

HRAP3SA is of a higher overall build quality than a TE stick if we are talking of having everything pure stock. HRAP3SA also has the AstroCity button layout.

TE has a Vewlix button layout and there’s large community support for modifying it.

Personally, $60 for a high-quality stick such as the HRAP3SA is way too good of a deal to pass up if that price is set in stone as that.

$80-90 sounds fair for a TE off your friend. Maybe 70 too.

Both sticks have the same exact parts in them, so they’re should be no difference gameplay wise. The Hori has a astro city button layout, while the TE doesnt. The TE also has cable storage which the HRAP3SA doesnt.

My opinion on cable storage is that it’s overrated. Cables can still be damaged if they’re taken out and repeatedly wrapped up and shoved back in that space. Neither the V3 SA or TE’s have great storage compartments… Will give this to the TE, though. At least the door doesn’t fall off every time you take the base plate off!

Out of everything that can potentially get ruined on sticks, I think the cables may be the weakest point. IF you store the joystick in a tight box (say like the Tekken Ultimate Anniversary box) over a long period of time and there’s no stress release for the connector cable at the closest point on the outside of the cabinet, at the very least you can have a situation where the outer black insulation gets torn. Your inner signal wires may still be okay but you’ll have to apply electrical tape to cover the tear.

Every joystick has this problem except for the ones with removable connector cords – modded RJ-45 system connector cables, XBox 360 USB removable, etc.

$60 is very good for a used HRAP 3 SA. Used ones can go for substantially more online. $60 is kind of low considering all-Sanwa parts and so on not to mention a more limited run than the HRAP 3 and many licensed sticks. I’ve seen custom stick cases going for a lot more than that.

$80 is probably the least you can reasonably expect to buy for something in like-new condition.

If I had new or low-time sticks with extensive modding and better parts that improved the joystick, I’d definitely charge more than $80. There’s no reason to bend over backwards and give the home away for free after you’ve fixed the roof!

Hmm? I’d put them just about on par. Both are excellent cases, and both have Sanwa parts. Also, the TE has that locking switch which should help if you’re the type who keeps hitting other buttons by accident.

Major thanks to everyone who posted in this thread, I’ll try to get in touch with the craigslist guy first to see if it’s legit since I figured the HRAP deal was a good one. Thanks again!

I would too agree they are on par if the MadCatz PCBs didn’t have such notorious build quality. Disregarding the minute lag on the PCBs, they are not very reliable and have a tendency to malfunction.