HSF2 AE: HF/ST Zangief Thread

Hello all, I just bought Anniversary Collection and am really enjoying this SF2 hybrid. Mainly because it has my single favorite version of Zangief in any game: Hyper Fighting.

So, I am interested in trying to get something started here for him. I didn’t play SF competitively back in the day, so I don’t know that much about HF Gief’s matchups, etc.

Here is a question: Which matchups would HF Gief be best for, and which would ST be the better choice for? Generally speaking, it seems HF would probably be better against fireball characters and ST against non-fireball characters, but I’m no expert.


I think that HF is pretty much better all around. HFing’s KKK lariet is too good

We need Kuni to post some Gief strats!!

This ones hard, normal Zang does a fuck load with his SPD and gets mad distance with it and the best thing is that all versions do the same amount of damage and it hardly goes any where which leaves plenty of time to walk up to the opponent and do c.mk into another SPD which I think is hard to punish though for some people it isn’t. However this gief is extremely slow and gets thrashed by most newer characters especially chargers and his pimp lariat is of no good use.

HF giefs 3K pimp lariat fucking owns, easily avoids projectiles better than any other version and puts tons of pressure against the opposition. The only problem I have with this Zang is that his SPD leaves to much space between him and the opponent + no double german

The only other version I think is good is ST mainly cause of the Banishing fist, Double german and FAB, pimp lariat isnt as good though.

Thanks for saving me the time of creating this thread! Since I haven’t really played Gief in SFII I have some questions…

1:With HF Gief, what are the things that Gief should do just outside sweep range as far as poking and bating attacks? Especially if you’re using the kick lariat to go through sweeps and fireballs(it does go through sweeps, right? I can’t remember.)

2:With ST Gief, what are good ways to use the Banishing Flat? I was playing against the cpu last night, and everytime I got a jab SPD I would walk forward and make them block a fierce Banishing Flat on wake up, then got another jab SPD(cpu couldn’t reverse or jump out). Does this work well or are there flaws?

3: How in the fuck do you fight Blanka? It seemed that everytime I tried to tick him on wakeup, I eat a ball attack. On top of that Blanka doesn’t seem to have to jump in this match, and if you jump in you’ll catch a vertical ball which trades but knocks you down. You would have the advantage when he’s in the corner IMO, but it’s hell trying to get him there.

Campy Blanka is a tricky matchup for Gief. Standing Roundhouse will stuff a predicted ball roll, or trade with it on reaction, from pretty much anywhere on the screen. Jumping jab or strong will beat the uproll at the right distances. Crouching jab will stuff ball rolls, :df: slides, and most of his normals, except cr. roundhouse. Gief’s cr. roundhouse will trade with Blanka’s super on reaction for the knock down, as well as with many of his key normals. Any ball roll -> throw tricks Blanka tries should be met with SPD luvin’, as should any use of his electricity. Don’t try and punish a blocked ball roll; take the tick, bide your time, and try to predict at least one to get yourself in. Don’t whiff cr. roundhouses, as they are immediately punishable; however, feel free to fake with his lighter kicks to goad Blanka into a predicted ball roll. Zone with the standing roundhouse, standing/crouching forward, crouching jab, and the threat of a cr. roundhouse trade -> tick SPD.

That’s all the advice I got…

I’m not really big on Zangief, but I do think HF Gief is better overall. Kick lariat really helps him in moving in. ST Gief’s additions are cool but most of them don’t really give him anything that he really needed. Running grab is good for catching sleepers though.

Blanka vs. Gief is pretty hard for Gief. I’m not sure if what Goryus said about countering the ball, slide and what not is accurate so I won’t say anything about that. THe problem with all that is Blanka doesn’t even really need to ball except for one or two random ones for tick damage. Stand strong is a good anti-air against Zangief. I’m not really sure what more to say about this match but from experience Blanka has the advantage in this one.

ok zangief

ST: hes good against rog ryu ken
one of his worst match ups is guile

the main way people beat gief is pokes when u lariot and anti air when u jump

HF:good against fireballers and has some nice traps which i will explain

ST has some nice combo/throw stuff like
-crossover j.d.hp(splash) c.lp c.mk 360 kick throw
this works if they block or get hit
-jumping lk lk spd
-crossover j.d.hp (splash) mp c.mk green hand super does 100%
-practice green hand into super for that part
jumping hk misses 360 kick or punch throw is a nice trick also

use whats up there what u can

strats in hf
Giefs Trap
To do this u must knock them down
and do 2 diffrent things
-sweep when they get up
-kick lariot spd when it finishes
when u sweep them as they get up it teaches them to block low when they get up so u do the kick lariot and when it finishes do a spd it works good

when playing geif you are mostly doing spinning lariot making sure not to get hit low if you are in st so these are the things opponents do

-try to get close and hit u low
counter for this would be sweep them back or jump in or keep larioting

-try to jump in on you
they have to hit u high or they will get hit by u so prepare for a spd when they jump toward u when they hit u as soon as they land spd them to the ground

-throw fireballs
*just keep larioting through them and the opponent will soon get tired and mess up :tup: *
-When they throw fireballs near you lariot towards them but for the main part lariot away or stay in the same spot

-If you hit them with a lariot go for a crossup as they get up or go for the HF trap

-allways try to counter high jumpins a trick would be walk toward an airborn character forcing them to hit u high and spd them

-use his sweep and c.lk as another trick if they block a c.lk spd them if u feel they are going to try and reverse or move do a sweep

-when you are playing someone with a good reversal like shotos
move in close then back out and if they dragon punch start your spd and when they land catch em and send em up and back down :karate:

have fun playing gief :clap:

Alright, I got two more matchups that are pains in my ass: Deejay and Fei Long. S.LK beats his slide and with his c.LP and s.MK you can do something on the ground, but anytime DJ gets in the air that’s my ass, and I’m having problems with the LP Max Out.

I’m not even gonna go into Fei Long…

There’s at least one glaring weakness that HF Gief has that ST Gief doesn’t: ST Gief can go through both of Sagat’s low and high tigers with either lariat. HF Gief has to guess whether to do his PPP or KKK lariat depending on which tiger Sagat throws. Of course, ST Gief also has the super (which doesn’t get landed all that often, but when it does it’s basically a guaranteed win) and the ability to tech throws from other ST chars. The green hand is useful in a few situations too.

Actually, ST Gief only goes through both fireballs with the kick lariat. The punch one goes through the high tiger shots, but not the low ones. So…just use the kick one, or Banish a predicted one for a guaranteed SPD.

As to Gief combos, silver, crossup body splash (jumping :d::hp:), land, :d::mk: xx kick lariat usually dizzies…repeat for the kill (does about 95% damage by itself). People rarely fall for it, since it’s pretty easy to see coming…if they block it, you can mix up the lariat with an SPD, but be careful to do it slow…if you do it fast enough to cancel the c.mk, it’ll whiff. Trying to combo a “Green hand into super” off of a crouching forward is also incredibly unreliable and easily escapable…sometimes you’ll catch someone with it, but I don’t really recommend trying it.

Good ticks:

Standing far/close short -> SPD
Meaty close standing forward -> SPD
Crouching short/forward SPD (don’t cancel!)
Meaty crouching roundhouse -> SPD
Jumping short -> SPD
Crouching forward xx running grab

And the ever popular…(Ryu/Ken/Akuma, after a hurricane kick),

Crouching jab reset (knocks them out of the hurricane kick), walk forward slightly, and make them land on a crouching short -> SPD.

Versus Guile, crouching roundhouse destroys his crouching forwards and trades with his roundhouse for the knockdown. Banish a predicted boom -> SPD or kick lariats on reaction get you around fireballs. Zangief is far from being dominated in this matchup…

Negative SPD fucking OWNS. End at down-back and release punch. Your ticks will be crazy. If they DO reverse out, you block, then grab/trip/etc. them afterwards.

Then they usually HAVE to reversal your ticking move… and it then becomes even easier to bait the wake-up special.

Oh yeah… here’s something silly to try. When they’re getting up after knockdown, position yourself just outside of their throw range, then do this:

Whiff attack (jab or short), hold down punch(es), buffer 360 during the whiff and end at down-back, release punch. (if punches, release them in succession).

To time it right, you have to release your punches a bit after they get up. Because there is a small window of time when they get up where they simply cannot be thrown… release them after this.

AaaaaAAAAaaaanyways… the point is that this is a silly little trick, and they can’t hit you out of it. If they hesitate, perform slow attack, etc. you get 360. If they reversal, you block and possibly punish.

Now there isn’t even a TICK attack for them to reversal! Mix it in with your meaty/tick game. Plus, if you’re intent was to bait out a wake-up special, you might as well do this for the fuck of it anyway… in case you guessed wrong and the DON’T reversal, you might get free SPD.

The beauty of this shit is that if your opponent doesn’t know about this trick, he’ll think you’re a GOD or have supernatural powers or something. He’ll never be able to “guess” when you’re going for SPD or not to try and reversal out of it… You must be psychic! But in fact you’re going for it everytime and it’s impossible to hit you out of it! I love it! :slight_smile:

T.hawk Can do the same thing

Wrong, Guile can dominate this match up(I have footage of Watsons O.Guile eating Kuni’s Gief for breakfast from evo 2k2). Banish a boom and its a free smack from a backfist. Lariating threw my booms and you eat a low foward and a boom. Guile can dominate this match as long as you have a solid gameplan.

Jump :hp: Stand :hp: then :lk: Blade Kick


You may be right about the matchup against ST gief, but HF gief doesn’t fear sweeps or guile cr. fwd with his anti-low KKK lariat. Don’t remember if kick lariat could still go through projectiles though cause from what I remember PPP lariat had mid-high invincibility, and KKK lariat had lower body invinciblity

Kick lariat goes through boom… although Guile can STILL hit you and make you eat 2-hit combo. Try backfist.

Correct, the backfist will hit the kick lariat, while they lariat threw the boom.

I’ve done it many times before while my brother and played HF. It’s kind of similar to countering HF balrogs turn punch threw Guiles booms.

this is not related to zangief but this is the only HF/ST thread i found on the first page, thought instead of making a new thread i’d ask here…

i never played ST, but recently got anniversary edition… i heard there were “O.” and regular characters in ST. does this exist in hyper SF2 as well? how would you pick an “O.” character?

I don’t know if that’s the same game? it seems to be talking about something along the lines of not having a Super Turbo mode and trying to pick ST characters using Super mode. but there actually is a Super Turbo mode already. So would I hold start and select Super Turbo mode or Super mode in order to pick O characters?

To pick the “O.” characters, highlight Super Mode, and hold start, then press an attack button.

To pick the “glitched charge ST” characters like Honda, Chun Li, and Vega, highlight the Super Turbo Mode, and hold start, then press an attack button.

This has been discussed waaayyyyyy too many times… :confused:

okay a Gief question then…
this is really newbish, as I never played this game much until I just bought the Anniversary Edition.

how does a normal Gief fight a normal shoto? they always use fireballs to keep me away, when i jump in it’s either st.roundhouse, cr.fierce or shoryuken. i can’t get in for an SPD at all. lariat gets thru fireballs but during lariat i can’t move unlike cvs2 =/