HSF2:Anniversary Collection Question

Okay, since Evo2k is using this game for tournament, how can we practice for this game since there’s no real “arcade” version of it out. And one more quick question… Is the GBA version of ST2 “arcade perfect” or good to practice off of, because that’s the only way I can play “real” ST2…

From what I’ve heard, they’ll be using the PS2 version (SFAC - HSF2) and players will be allowed to choose whatever version of the character they want. In other words, it will probably be a CE tournament (especially if we have a large number of XBL regulars come to Evo2k).

Okay, well so do you have any recommendations to practice for it. The only Street Fighter 2 games I have is CE on Sega Genises, and Super Turbo 2 on my GBA… But I realy enjoy playing this because, well I grew up with this game ever since I was small. Help?

The best option would be to get SFAC, since that’s what they’ll be using at Evo2k and it has HSF2 and 3S in it.

Hmmm, that’s the problem though, I don’t have a PS2 or an Xbox, and have no money for it. I guess I’ll try and borrow one for the time being… How would you practice for the HSF2?

just know the best version of each character

Guile: CE or WW
Bison: CE
Shoto: WW or ST
Gief: WW
Blanka: CE or ST
Sagat: ST old
everybody else: ST

Roughly, I’m sure someone’s going to debate this stuff with me, and their probably right.

Ryu: ST/HF
Ken: ST/HF
E. Honda: ST/HF
Chun-Li: ST
Blanka: HF
Zangief: ST/HF
Dhalsim: ST
Guile: CE
Balrog: ST
Vega: ST/CE
Sagat: O
M. Bison: CE

What Exactly is “old sagat”, oh and the Super and ST character, is there any difference for those 4 between S and ST?

O.Sagat is an alternate Sagat from ST. Super fast tiger shots n’ shit.

And I think the WW versions of shotos are crappy. HF or ST are better. Crappy tatsumakis and non-knockdown SRK’s in WW, iirc. Plus, a more differentiated Ryu and Ken come HF and latter helps, too. Not sure about WW gief, but I’d rather HF/ST.

From what I know, O. Sagat’s Tiger Shots were toned down in HSF2, but he’s still good.

How are you able to choose “old sagat”? Sorry for the noobish question, but I don’t have AC.

erm o.sagat sucks in AE they tonned him down a lot also with ST vega . Vega has wierd delay on his wall jumps. The best sagat is CE

I think it would be better if you say WHAT makes them so good

Zangief in WW cause of MAGIC THROW. You don’t need palm or 360+K or any of that garbage. Zangief was top tier in WW cause he had MAGIC THROW.

CE Ken is the best version, not HF. He has three redizzies, that will end the round if you can land them.

Actually there is a real arcade version.

You can either play the arcade version, the PS2 version, or the XBox version.

Not even close. They aren’t even the same game, really.


I like your list a lot better.

o_O? Explain…

List all three, please…

I thought WW Guile was banned in fact I thought just about most of WW chars were banned from tourney play? But man not hatin but how do u only have Sega Genesis and GBA? Needa step ya game up cause just about no old school SF2 home console port is arcade perfect (or so I hear?) get a Sega DC and import SSF2T, or SFCollection 1 for PS1 or Capcom Classics if ya cant get SFAE

But I donno how arcade perfect they are? Or even better get the tiger game

Please judge my FAQ too (link in sig).

I can name one, any advance?:rofl:

… actually I’ll say 2… kind of.

Callmeanewb; Are you showing up to T7?