HSF2 Anniversary Edition

The cpu difficulty on this game is noticeably much higher than any of the SF2 versions I played on SNES and Genesis. Does anyone know to what degree they raised the difficulty? There are eight difficulty levels, and even on the second or third easiest (very easy & easy medium) it is evident that the even the easiest difficulty level was intentionally raised.

What do you mean “do what degree they raised the difficulty”? You want someone to give you numbers? :confused: Didn’t you already see for yourself how much harder it is?

Well…I thought there might be an equivalent. Such as…Level 1 difficulty is the equivalent to the former level 5 or 6 difficulty or something like that. I remember reading that for the U.S. version of Devil May Cry 3 that “easy” was the japanese “hard.” I’m sure the difficulty increase was more formulaic than you think. Maybe no one on this board knows exactly what it is…but someone does.

yea it is harder even on lvl 3

DMC3 wasn’t that difficult, it was a good game with a good difficulty.

just wanted to say that, thank you!!!

I never played it.

now that I remember, I read that on a magazine saying that DMC3 was too difficult for the japanese. Stating that in japan games were easier in difficulty level than those same games in the U.S. So probably they raised the bar for the HSF2 Anniversary Edition.

so who the fuck cares? playing the AI is bad for your health anyway.

Not that playing the cpu is all that good and all, but to answer his quesion the difficulty is, from what I know, the equivalent to arcade Super Turbo.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong tho.

You’re not wrong. HSF2 uses the ST AI, which cheats to no end, but there are still holes in it that can be exploited.

Really? I always had the impression that Japs were more ‘hardcore’ about games and that Devil May Cry etc were catering to the Japanese need for extremely difficult stuff.

Cheating AI in fighting games is not what Im talking about though. They just dropped the ball with HSF2. Reminds me of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Both just plain f— ups.

no wonder I was murdered by zangief at normal difficulty, everytime I use bison. I mean i am pretty decent at using bison.

Magic low RH through your standing kicks?

Does the CPU actually break the rules of the game, or is it bad because of the non-human patterning?

So if you’re trying to get better, is it really detrimental to your training to play the CPU or just not as good as playing real players?

yes, the cpu doesn’t need to charge in order to do charge moves (ex.: guile walk towards you then flashkick)

since there is no competition in my area for this game i am stuck playing the cpu, i like it cause i get to practice my timing, combos and setups

i think if you cant even beat the cpu then you have no business playing this game competitively

The fact that you have no real comp discredits your opinion. Players and AI play completely differently, strats vs. real players will get killed when used against the AI, likewise, strats vs. the AI will get you killed vs. real players. There is no good to come of playing the AI.

Playing the AI simply teaches you nothing, or worse, bad habits and misinformation.

lol just admit that you suck and that you can’t even beat the AI

I can’t. It’s not worth my effort learning how to beat stupid patterns to fuck up my gameplay against real opponents.

If you actually try to play against the AI in this game as you would a real person, you would lose. You have to do AI-specific tactics that won’t work on an opponent with a brain instead of a CPU.

You can, however beat the AI by jumping around and mashing like an idiot sometimes.

i dont think you understand me, nowhere in my post do i talk about strategy, i said “i like it cause i get to practice my timing, combos and setups”