HSF2 Marathon Tonight


Similar to the Tecmo super marathon, but im trying to just go in and play as many super strong players as possible whether it be ggpo or supercade(which would be anybody in my case). I usually do ft 10s but anyways i was bored and figured i post if anybody is interested lol. I know people say the game is broken so if nobody is down i understand.


Hey Mars. Is this going to be a weekly thing? Or just a one-time event?


Weekly is fine. Ill be on tonight.


im down for tonight


Sweet. Missed it but if its weekly then im looking forward to tomorrow!


im down and i dont think its broken game people just arnt used to guile being strong and they are used to raping nerferd st guile…let me know when you plan to do this again im in HSF2>ST


I’ll try to be online when this is on.
I love playing with Normal characters just for fun.


I noticed that the HSF2 arcade board has complete CPU versions of Super characters along with CPU Super Turbo characters in the game. Super dictator is harder to beat than ST Dictator